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    Champ C4 and C6 Grips Review | Performance and Comfort

    One of the most important factors affecting how well you strike the ball is how well you can control the face of the club throughout your swing. Your grips are the first point of contact connecting you to the ball at impact. This is why the grips you use are so important. With so many […] More

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    Perchmount Phone Mount Review: Golfers Mount Up

    Videos have become the norm in our everyday life, where people video anything and everything.   If you don’t believe me, just head over to YouTube and you can pretty much search for anything and it will be there.  Golfers are no different, as videos have been popping up on Vine, Instagram and YouTube. How are […] More

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    Nikon Coolshot AS Rangefinder Review: Check Your Distance

    Imagine this. You’re standing in the middle of the 18th fairway, your opponent has already hit his shot onto the green, and you’re hanging onto a one shot lead. The pin is tucked behind a bunker which, if you go in, will guarantee a bogey. If you go long, you’ll be putting straight down a […] More