Greg Norman Wouldn’t Choose Tiger Woods for President’s Cup

Greg Norman doesn’t have Tiger Woods on his President’s Team. And that’s the way he likes it. Norman said that the selection of Woods for the President’s Cup by team captain Fred Couples was incorrect, saying he would rather have Keegan Bradley on his team.

“No, I wouldn’t have (picked Tiger), to tell you the truth. I think Keegan Bradley was much more deserving of one of the two spots that were available. He’s a major championship winner; he’s won a couple of times this year. If I was in (Bradley’s) shoes, I would feel like I got gut-checked a little bit. He’s a young guy. He likes the Presidents Cup. He loves the idea of playing for his country, and he’s not. So I feel for him.””

I guess if Norman is so anti-Tiger it’s a good thing he’s not on his team, right? Or maybe Norman is just a really big Keegan Bradley fan. Who knows.

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