TaylorMade Women’s Burner SuperFast Driver Used By LPGA Pros

The world of golf caters to nobody, but having the right equipment certainly helps make it more bearable. This no different for women than men, as the right club can have a serious impact on your final round score. One of the best ways for any female golfer out there to start off a hole is with the TaylorMade Women’s Burner SuperFast Driver. The club looks great and performs even better, and will have you impressing your friends on the course in no time.

TaylorMade has long been known for their ability to manufacture spectacular clubs that perform on the course. The Women’s Burner SuperFast Driver is no different. This driver has been built as a lightweight driver, weighing only 284 grams. It is also an extra long driver, and measures at 46.6″ to give the user increased speed and distance. TaylorMade also designed the SuperFast Burner with a new, aerodynamic head shape that slips faster through the air to reduce resistance and add speed and power.

As if the above specifications weren’t enough to convince you that the TaylorMade Women’s Burner SuperFast Driver is a strong addition to your game, take a look at the rest of the specs. It features a Dual Crown technology to promote higher flight and additional carry. The club is also remarkably forgiving thanks to the 460cc head that features one of the biggest clubfaces of any TaylorMade driver. There is no question that the TaylorMade Women’s Burner SuperFast Driver is going to change the way you approach the ball on the tee, so make sure you check it out.


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