LeviTee Golf Glove Review

I have stressed it many times before but one of the most important aspects of golf is comfort. The game of golf is hard enough when you feel great, so trying to perfect a swing when you’re uncomfortable is nearly impossible. That is why companies such as LeviTee are constantly trying to come up with innovative accessories to improve your comfort on the course. One such product is the LeviTee Golf Glove, which is making appearances on courses all over the world.

Golfing coaches all over the world teach the same thing – don’t grip the club too hard. Players who crush the club generally have mechanical flaws in their swing, not to mention the stress it causes on the hands and wrists. The technology behind the LeviTee Glove is quite impressive, and does a great deal to solve these problems. It features foam pads that are stitched into the glove itself, creating a very comfortable webbing between the fingers.

The LeviTee Glove promotes a lighter and looser grip, which in turn gives the user more swing speed. It is also going to help the user with their grip pressure. This will not only improve the grip on the club but should reduce the amount of stress that the player feels in their hands. More relaxed and comfortable hands will have a direct impact on your swing, which is a very good thing. The LeviTee Glove is going to be an appreciated accessory in the bag of any avid golfing enthusiast.

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