Ping G15 Fairway Wood

The innovative ladies and gentlemen at Ping have been celebrating their 50th anniversary with some fantastic new club series, and one of these remarkable new devices is the Ping G15 Fairway Wood. It was developed as an upgrade to the already impressive G10 Fairway Wood, and the G15 certainly does not disappoint. The G10 was one of the most critically acclaimed and successful club models in Ping’s history, so following it up was without question an unenviable task. However, the folks at Ping have long been known for their ability to blast away expectations, and they have certainly set another strong standard with the G15.

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Many pundits, myself included, felt that Ping would throw on a new paint job and change the name on the G10 and call it good. How foolish we all were. We should have known that the experts at Ping would never leave well enough alone, and instead would take an already fantastic club and give it a new twist. While the specifications of the club haven’t been altered too dramatically, the G15 features an evolutionary change in design that still provides some pretty impressive features that should be considered when shopping for your next fairway wood.

While it may be too soon to declare that the G15 has overtaken the G10, it is certainly becoming a worthy sequel. You always hear that the sequel is never as good as the original, and while that may still be the case with the G15 and G10, the latest addition is definitely providing a solid contribution to the G10’s solid reputation. Just like the rest of Ping’s latest clubs, the G15 is one of the best looking clubs on the market. It perfectly blends a metallic shine with sharp, contrasting colors to create one of the most visually pleasing fairway woods on the shelf.

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