Ping i3 O Size Irons

The Ping brand always seems to outdo itself, and the debut of the Ping i3 O Size Irons was no different. Engineered to the nth degree the same way all Ping products are, the Ping i3 O Size Irons have been the best friends to many a golfer, both amateur and professional alike. Many mid-handicappers especially find the Ping i3 O Size Irons to be particularly effective in improving their strokes and their games.

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This particular Ping club has a slightly larger head and a smaller offset. This results in a greater ability to make square contact with the ball. The Ping i3 O Size Irons are also pretty forgiving, yet don’t sacrifice feeling in order to achieve that forgiveness. That’s a problem that’s typical of other clubs that use big heads, but it’s not a problem with the Ping i3. Another non-problem for the Ping i3 O Size Irons is feedback, because they give you plenty of it. You can tell when you’ve misfired, and you can also tell why, whether your shot was too thin, off the heel or too close to the toe. They also give you feedback when you’ve really nailed it, by letting out a very loud and crisp crack.

The Ping i3 O Size Irons are also outfitted with the Custom Tuning Port, which is located in the cavity. This device allows all the feedback you’re looking for, while at the same time minimizing distortions and vibrations. Again, this iron is a well-developed club. Working in tandem with all the other engineering aspects of the Ping i3 O Size Irons is the flat-top hosel, which cements the connection between the club head and the shaft. That strong bond increases stability and cuts way down on torque.

If you’ve never played with a Ping before, this is one iron you should start experimenting with.

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