Ping i3 Blade Irons

Another standout from the Ping family, the Ping i3 Blade Iron is a very popular line of club. For starters, these irons are perimeter-weighted for less offset. This allows the Ping i3 Blade Iron users a tight, solid grip that’s optimal for strong and controlled shots. Do you want more control and precision over your swing and the shot? Then the Ping i3 Blade Iron may be the right choice for your game. The thin top line, a hallmark of many Ping clubs, gives the i3 a clean appearance that matches the clean shot you want.

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The Ping i3 Blade Iron, another well-designed and intensely developed iron from the Ping engineering team, features a Custom Tuning Port (CTP) that’s a marvel at stabilizing the club’s strike zone. By controlling the strike zone through the CTP, the Ping i3 Blade Iron provides its user with consistent ball velocity that’s critical to precision and, of course, a much-improved game. Users love the way it feels and love the way it delivers on the power you’re supplying to your swing. As many golfers quickly come to realize, so much of the sport is about learning how to work with the ball and then learning how to control it.

The Ping i3 Blade Iron is comparatively light, with a steel shaft that’s complemented by Cushin technology. It’s been designed to reduce stress on the club and to increase stability. By minimizing stress and increasing stability, you’re going to get a tighter, more controlled swing that directs all the energy you put into it where you want it to go – on the blade’s face, with total connection and impact on the sweet spot. Many players applaud the i3’s impact on their game, stressing the improved performance it gives them and underscoring Ping’s impeccable reputation.

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