The Masters green jacket is one of the most recognizable pieces of clothing in sports, let alone the game of golf. It’s the perfect shade of green and usually fits just right. I say usually because just recently, Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press recently reported a very interesting fact about Jordan Spieth.

That is right, ladies and gentlemen. Jordan Spieth’s green jacket does not fit him and he’s never changed that.

Here is what Spieth had to say about this nonsense:

“I never got it tailored, so it’s huge,” Spieth said of his green jacket from winning the 2015 Masters. “I never trusted anybody, never wanted anyone to go do it. I didn’t give them my size originally. I wore the one off the green that day, and I never gave it back to them to tailor or anything. I should now.”

So he’s never gotten it tailored because he does not know his size nor does he trust anybody to do it. That’s pretty hilarious, but hopefully he fixes this soon! He deserves to show off that accomplishment without having to worry about him drowning in it!