Anyone who plays golf knows to expect the unexpected on the course. But what one Florida golfer witnessed while playing a round with her family in Safety Harbor is something we can all probably do without.

A big alligator trotting across the course with a giant fish locked in its mouth.

Amazingly, the woman who shot the video gives us the play-by-play while staying just as calm as the gator. This is definitely not the first time an alligator has been seen on a golf course by any means, but what’s a little more fascinating is how big the fish is.

“What a sight” indeed.

Here’s the full video below, along with a couple other things you probably don’t want to see while playing the game you love. Seriously though, this fish-chomping gator will get destroyed by the monster alligator in the last video. Pretty sure it’s a dinosaur.

High speed chase on the links?  Why not!

Just nope. No thanks. Don’t really want to see dinosaurs in real life.