Could this be the beginning of a new Rat Pack in golf? We could be seeing the second coming of Jack, Arnie and Gary Player with this new group.┬áJordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman have all been vacationing in the Bahamas this past week and every detail has been posted on social media. Let’s take a look at their trip that has been posted mainly on Snapchat.

You may be asking, “Why are professional golfers playing golf on their vacation?” My response would be that they never get to golf like normal people. They constantly have millions of eyeballs on every shot they hit and they are just like anyone else who wants to have a fun time with friends on the course.

First up we have Rickie Fowler playing out of the sand, shirtless seemed to be a theme of the week:


A group shot of the bros:


Some more golf with a few beers: