Branden Grace was impressive throughout the entire week on the way to his first PGA Tour victory. His short game was especially good and his chip-in at 18 in the 3rd round is our learning moment of the week.

Lean towards the target

Take a narrow stance and angle your feet towards the target. Play the ball off of your big toe of your back foot and then lean your chest and hands slightly towards the target.

Keep your chest moving

Most amateurs have a tough time moving their upper bodies throughout the entire shot. Your upper body should still be turning towards the target even after impact. You can get this feeling by practicing chip shots with your right hand only.


Focus all of your attention as you make contact with the ball. You should be able to stare at your club head as you come through the impact zone. Once you are comfortable with the contact that you are creating, you can focus on your target.

Photo: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports