Lee Trevino has never been a fan of the Masters tournament and he didn’t hold back in a new article from John Strege on GolfDigest.com.

“Lee Trevino has never been a fan of the dictatorial nature of the Masters’ hierarchy. “There were just too many rules for me,” Trevino said in this story by Phil Stukenborg of The Commercial Appeal. “If you go there now and try to use a cellphone they will kick you out, even if you are using it in the parking lot or on the driving range. The players can’t even use them on the driving range. Have you heard one of them complain yet? No, because they are gutless. If they went to the U.S. Open and the U.S. Open told them they couldn’t use their cellphones on the driving range they would raise all kinds of hell. They’re scared to death.”

I have to admit that I never knew players were not allowed to use their phones on the driving range at the Masters. That is a ridiculous rule and they shouldn’t have the right to control the players like that. Trevino does make a good point about the players being gutless. I have a feeling that he would have had no issue speaking his mind.