For our golf tip of the day we go back to a clutch chip-in for Jim Herman on the 16th hole at the Shell Houston Open that led to his win. Herman pulled his tee shot to the left but was fortunate to miss the greenside bunker. He drew an uphill lie, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

Take a look:

Keys to the Shot

  • Stance – He kept his weight in the center and more towards back leg, which in this case was his right leg
  • Ball Position – His ball position was between his left heel and the center of his stance
  • Swing Motion – He used a simple chipping motion and didn’t try to scoop the ball
  • Impact – Perhaps most importantly he didn’t try to add loft to the shot. By that I mean that the ball is already on an uphill lie and the shot will have plenty of loft, so there is no need to try and “help” the ball into the air.