2015 Bridgestone J15 Dual Pocket, CB and Driving Force Irons Sneak Peek

Bridgestone Golf has been very tight lipped about their plans for the 2015 line. As we can see from the photos, they definitely have been busy lining up what might be their biggest equipment push in the U.S. market ever.


Ask the average golfer about Bridgestone and more than likely their response is, “I know they make balls and tires, but golf clubs?”. It’s not for a lack of quality that the average golfer doesn’t see them as an equipment company. When you consider how few stores actually carry their product line other than golf balls it’s where the disconnect happens.

It looks like Bridgestone is all in and have brought their Japanese line known as TourStage into the mix. There are some early rumblings that TourStage is no longer around and Bridgestone will be the face and name of all future products.  So let’s get into these sneak peak photos and information that has been leaked.

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Bridgestone J15 Dual Pocket Forged Iron:

In early photos, looking at the J15 Dual Pocket Forged appears that it will be what they consider a more forgiving iron. While this is just speculation, the dual pocket should expand the sweet spot while the “Turbo Rubber” (insert Judas Priest “Turbo Lover” comparison here) will be a dampening tool to improve both feel and sound. As more photos surface it will become more obvious where this iron falls into the lineup.

Bridgestone J15 Forged Irons


Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 7.48.07 PM


Bridgestone J15 CB Forged Iron:

While many companies offer a traditional forged cb iron, Bridgestone has always been one of my personal favorites. I have been lucky enough to experience the line dating back to the J36 line several years ago. It really is hard to improve perfection.

For 2015 Bridgestone looks to have focused their design toward improving turf interaction and without trying to channel my psychic abilities I’m sure offset and maybe a different groove pattern might be in the design too. I would love to see these offered in black!

Bridgestone J15 CB Irons

Bridgestone Driving Force Iron:

Play in a lot of wind? Have trouble flighting your irons? (Sounded intense writing that) The Driving Force Iron looks to be in line with the Mizuno Mp-H4. Think a progressive set meant for the better player while offering forgiveness. They are using what they refer to as “Super Steel”, which sounds like it’s straight out of a comic, and yet again a sole design to make sure contact is not hindered by turf interaction.

Bridgestone Golf J15 Irons



Bridgestone Forged and M Forged Wedges:

I’m guessing that if you considered a wedge a friend you would want it to stay around for a while. Bridgestone wants their wedges to have staying power too! For 2015 the wedges will be, of course forged, and now with their new “Durable Groove Technology”. If this works, minty fresh grooves shouldn’t be a problem in your future approach shots.

The sure contact sole is carried over to help insure turf interaction doesn’t affect ball striking and a “Tour Design Groove” will ensure proper spin. I’m guessing the standard and “M” will also be offered in various grinds? I really liked the West Coast wedges so hopefully these are just as good!

Bridgestone Forged Wedges

Bridgestone is coming after the U.S. golf scene in a very tough market. They have a very strong presence in the ball market and with proper marketing as well as a strong store presence Bridgestone should be able to gain the attention they deserve!


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