ES14 Launch Monitor Review: Improving Golf Performance


You’ve been heading to the range every day trying to figure out how to improve your game. You try ‘tweaking’ your swing, you hit more range balls but  yet you feel stuck. You just feel like there is something missing and you’ve been racking your brain trying to put your finger on it.

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In comes the ES14 Launch monitor by Ernest Sports. They have stepped up with a product that is “not just a product, but a commitment to quality.”

An impressive tool that will take your game to the next level no matter your ability, it incorporates forward thinking technology and is an awesome tool for teaching professionals, club fitters and the serious golfer who is looking for that edge in visual learning.

What Ernest Sports is Saying

Ernest Sports revolutionizes the game with a great new tool for teaching professionals, club fitters and serious golfers. The ES14 delivers critical data instantly – easily and affordably. The ES14 puts the power of creative technology in your hands providing you with critical information to improve any golfer’s game, including club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate and distance.

The ES14 is an ideal tool that provides instant audible feedback, the ability to practice as a pro, motivate, and pick up where you left off. The ES14 and free app (together) open up a wold of technology for golfers offering a wide range of statistical information in an easy to read format as well as audible feedback for instant results.


The ES14 puts the power of your game in your hands with immediate and accurate feedback on important parts of your game. The metrics that are being monitored is the instant feedback you would need to help you adjust your swing at the range.

Club speed

With instant ES14 Launch Monitor feedback, you will receive one of the most important factors in maximizing distance. The club head speed feature shows you the energy and momentum from the club head at impact and how it is transferred into the golf ball. Club head speed represents the amount of energy/momentum that the club has as it contacts the ball. Higher club head speed equates into more energy available to be delivered to the ball.

Launch angle

This is feedback that relates to the initial angle at which a ball leaves the club face. Launch angle is determined by a number of factors, including angle of attack, swing speed, loft and shaft flex. A great take away is understand where my swing is on the moment of impact. Ideally, I want it to be in the downswing, so I’m not launching the ball sky high when it’s not necessary.

Ball speed

The ball speed is measured by the ES14 just after impact and directly relates to distance the ball travels. Ball speed is generated primarily by club speed, but is also affected by impact location on the club, loft, attack angle and type of ball.

Smash factor

A calculated number, the ball speed divided by the club speed. Bottom line, it measures the ability of the club to transfer power to the ball and the higher the number the better. A higher smash factor reading indicates better overall contact with the ball in the center of the clubface.

Spin Rate

This is where the ES14 Launch Monitor measures how fast the ball spins, in rotations/minute, just post impact. This is a crucial measurement for carry distance and launch angle for high speed shots like the driver. For lower irons, a high spin rate will produce shots that stop quicker (I call it the ‘bite factor’).

Lastly, the ES14 also comes with a free app you can download to compliment your launch monitor. It allows for data storage, sharing and easy review of each shot in the palm of your hand. This is a great tool while you’re at the range to give you quick discrete feedback without having to set up bulking laptops and umbrellas to block the sun.



The sleek white looks is stunning and catches your attention. It is subtle, yet bold. Now this is the ES14 I received, but you also have a charcoal version to buy if it hits your fancy.

The ES14 is 8.25″h x 4.5″w and comes with a template to assist you in placing the ball right where you need it to get accurate feedback.

Now the ES14 Launch Monitor is not as portable as their ES12 (review coming), but the display is easy to read and immediate. I took the ES14 out in the early evening and height of a sunny day to check the display and the ability to read it without ‘trying to see it’. In addition, the buttons were easy to see and use no matter the time of practice.

The ES14 comes with a nice soft carry case that makes it easy to tote around and keep product safe and out of harms way.

Overall, I love the look and feel when compared to other Launch Monitors out in the marketplace.


When I look at a new product with state of the art technology, I like to be sure the quality and performance match the look and feel. It may look good, but does it perform as advertised?  The ES14 Launch Monitor by Ernest Sports was spot on in my opinion. It was light but sturdy even in some winds I was challenging it with to make sure it stood up to Mother Nature.

The buttons were easy to access and adjust according to the club you had in your hand and there is a real cool feature that enables you to adjust the ‘lie angle’ of the monitor based upon the club you are working with at the time. You will have an easy guide to peruse prior to your session with the ES14 Launch Monitor so you know what angle to set the ‘kick stand’ up at.

The unit runs on a simple 2- 9-volt battery system and there is no need to plug it in to charge. This is a real bonus! I dislike having a monitor to keep charging. I simply will keep a couple extra batteries with it when needed. I would hate to be in the middle of an amazing session and have to put it on hold while I wait for charging to occur!

As for setting the ES14 up and getting it set for your session, it will take you less than 3 minutes. Easy to set up, get ball in position and let it rip.  This is one of the best things about the ES14.

What I really enjoyed was the additional technology in the ES14 app that kept me in sync with my practice session on and off the course. Great addition to the ES14 Launch Monitor.



  • Insight: Having all these metrics at the tip of your fingers will allow you to really get a deep insight to your game and make the appropriate adjustments to improve your performance.
  • Cost: When you compare it to those larger cumbersome launch monitors, this is a no brainer. It is a good fit for club fitters, teachers and the golfer alone.
  • Tech: One of the most impressive things about the ES14 is the App you can sync and use to keep all your stats right in the palm of your hand.  You can review your session at home as well which was an added bonus!


  • SIZE: It is totally portable, but if you are looking for something pocket size, you may want to look at the ES12. However, the ES14 has everything you need in terms of necessary information to take you to the next level and beyond in your game.

Final Thoughts

The ES14 Launch Monitor was a nice surprise when it comes to seeing exactly where your game is and where it needs improvement. I loved the depth of the ES14 as it provided immediate feedback on all the key features I want to know to improve my performance. As a matter of fact, I worked with the ES14 for about 3 hours the day before an important round and was able to make some adjustments on my own and fired a cool 71 hitting my shots solid and with consistency. Yay.

The ES14 Launch Monitor is a great product to own and will be your new best friend as you improve your overall performance and ball striking ability.

‘keep smiling and always believe’



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