Golf Tip: Shaping Shot with Grip Adjustment

In todays golf tip we are going to discuss how to shape your shots by adjusting your grip.  You have just felt like you nailed a drive, but when you look up, it isn’t exactly heading where you wanted it to go. You find it smack behind a tree and know in your heart you just cannot hit it through the tree. Been there? I have and I spent hours of fun growing up finding ways to shape shots around trees, houses and an occasional brave friend to really trust and believe I can make the shot move upon command on the course.

Basic shot making is moving a ball right to left or left to right when you want and to move a ball around trouble (or to stay out of trouble).

How to Shape a shot with Changing Your Grip

Shaping Shot Grip

If you are not sure you can shape a shot, just hold on a minute. It really isn’t as hard as you think. The simplest way is to change/adjust your grip.

Right-handers: To hook the ball, rotate your left hand to see three knuckles, with the thumb running down the side of the shaft (above left). To slice the ball, see only one knuckle of the left hand, the thumb straight down the shaft in a weaker grip (above right).

Above is a good start. However, when I want to move a ball…really move a ball like around a tree… I aim the clubface at the intended target (i.e. pin..even if through a tree; set my feet, hips, knees and shoulders down the line I want the ball to start; and then grip the club as it sits on the ground with a normal grip. I then swing along the plane of my feet/hips/knees/shoulders with a normal swing and watch the ball take flight around the tree and head to the target with a nice bend.

The idea is to grab the club and while looking down you will see it pointing way left (closed–for a hook) or way right right (open–for a slice). The Face Angle will determine the shape of the shot.

You can fiddle with how much you close or open the clubface while taking a normal grip just so see how much the shot bends. In other words, you can work on your ball control while having fun moving it all over the range and impressing your friends. This technique can be used to work the ball into the green from even the middle of the fairway.

Final Thoughts

I learned this tip a long time ago from my college coach and to this day, it has saved many a pars. It is a simple concept and easy to take to the range and give it a go and challenge yourself to moving the ball some 50 yards to just 5 yards.

We at Bunkers Paradise hope that you will be shaping your shots with a little grip adjustment and turn those uncertain shots to confident commanding shots.


‘keep smiling and always believe’




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