Golf Tips: Turn Your Right Foot Out for More Power

Everyone wants to bomb their tee shot and I completely understand why.  We all want to look like our favorite PGA Tour Pro out on the course.  We have all tried numerous golf tips in making that happen.   Well here is another quick golf tip for added distance where all you have to do is turn your right foot out for a bit more power.

Why turn our your right foot? (right handed golfers)

Well I don’t know about you, but as I’m aging my flexibility is lacking quite a bit. By opening your right foot, it allows you to turn your hips and shoulders a bit more for some added swing speed and arc.

How to do it:

All you have to do is turn your right foot out or open your right foot (right handed golfers) and it will allow you to create a bigger turn and wider arc on your backswing.  From there just take your normal backswing.  You should notice your ability to create a wider swing arc. Here is where it might feel a bit different at first.  When you open up your right foot it is crucial that you shift your weight correctly on the downswing.  The nice thing about opening or turning out your foot is that it actually forces you to have a better turn through impact.

So by having a wider swing arc, better hip turn you should see some added distance.  Good luck out there and Bomb’s Away!!

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