Bettinardi Golf’s Queen B Model 3 Review: Royalty

What is the most important club in your golf bag? It’s not your driver, your three wood, or your 8 iron. It’s your putter. You use your putter more than any other club in your bag. Why not get the best putter out there? Bettinardi is the best of the best. The best feeling and the best looking. I think Kuchar would agree!

All Bettinardi putters are milled in the USA. While other putter manufacturers have moved oversees, Bettinardi has stayed in America. The president and CEO of Bettinardi Golf, Robert Bettinardi is able to pay attention to every detail of every piece that is made.

I was lucky enough to receive the Bettinardi Queen B Model 3 putter. This putter is made for women golfers but is sold to mostly men golfers.  Over the past month I have been playing with this unbelievable putter. I haven’t three-putted yet! My putting has been a major struggle in my golf game for the past year. I just didn’t have a lot of confidence standing over a putt. But this putter has changed everything.


The overall look of this putter can be described in one word; beautiful. The cashmere bronze finish gives this putter a very sleek look. The Queen B also has a Micro Honeycomb face that is unique to Bettinardi that only their machines can produce. One huge feature that I look for in a putter is a good line. With a contrasting white line, this putter makes it so easy to line up a putt and set up with confidence.




This putter comes with a White Pure grip with Bettinardi in gold letters. The head cover follows this color scheme with gold, bronze, and white lettering and design.






Feel is so important to me when I try a new putter. Does the weight feel right? Does it feel soft? Does it have a good sound? The feel of this putter is incredible. Short putts, long putts, this putter feels so soft and effortless. The roll off this putter is one of the best I’ve tried. When I try new putters, it is so hard to find the correct weight. I want a heavier head, but nothing too overwhelming. I need a little help staying steady and keeping my stroke smooth. On under pressure putts, this putter kept me still and helped keep my stroke on plane.


Throughout this past month, I was able to play multiple rounds and even participated in a few one on one putting contests and I still haven’t three-putted with this putter. Putting is definitely the best part of my game right now. Even if I have a long putt, it feels easy and I have the confidence to hit it close. At first I was worried the honeycomb face would have a strange feel, but just like any other milled face it came off the face so pure and was very consistent.


Weight: 360G

Material: Mild Carbon Steel

Finish: Cashmere PVD

Grip: White Pure Grip (Standard or Midsize)

Headcover: Standard Queen B Gold

Dexterity: Right-Handed

Loft: 3 degrees

Lie: 71 degrees

For more information about Bettinardi Golf and the Queen B putter click HERE.



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