Callaway X2 Hot Driver Review: Don’t Forget About Me

The X2Hot line from Callaway Golf was released in January of this year. The hype from this line was quickly drowned out by the news and anticipation for the new Big Bertha driver. I am here to discover if people are missing out on a great driver.

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To be honest, the driver is not the best part of my game. It is one of those clubs and if I am on I can pound it a long way down the fairway. If not, I have no idea where it is going. Can the X2Hot help this? Let’s see.

Club being tested:

  • X2Hot Driver
  • Loft: 9.0
  • Length: 46”
  • Head Size: 460cc
  • Shaft: Aldila Tour Blue Stiff


The X2Hot driver has a dark matte grey club head and sits square at address. Both equally ensue confidence while you are stand over the ball. Glare from the head is definitely not an issue with this paint job. You also don’t feel like you are going to hook and slick the ball on the planet with the way it sits. The club head size is large but doesn’t feel like you are swinging a stick with a basketball attached. The alignment aid is also very subtle. I do wish the graphics on the top rear of the head would have been eliminated. Just no real need to busy up the head like that.



Many of the drivers released in the past few years should come with ear plugs. They either sound like an aluminum baseball bat or a high pitched shotgun. Thankfully the X2 Hot does not suffer from either. The sound is more like muted ping when stuck. You can actually go to the range at hit as many balls as you want without disturbing the rest of the people there and not lose your own hearing.

As for feel, you can definitely tell when you mishit this driver and that is a good thing. A club should feel differently depending on where you hit it. Middle hits feel as if the face grabbed the ball and capitulated it forward. Heel and toe hits feel hasher. They don’t give you that “grabbing” feel.



The X2Hot definitely lives up to its name. It is HOT. I hit the X Hot last year and this goes longer.

Ball flight: Range balls of course flew higher than actual gamer balls. With the ProV1X I was getting a nice piercing mid-flight.

Spin: The combo of the Tour Blue shaft and X2Hot head is not the lowest spin combo out there but it didn’t kill performance. My first range session was straight into the wind and I was still able to get good distance without too much ballooning. Side spin wasn’t overly high when I hit the ball on the toe. Yes I did loose distance with some fade, but it didn’t slice off creation.

Forgiveness: The X2Hot seem to be pretty forgiving. Toe and Heel hits did loose some distance but they would still be playable. A high on the face strike caused the most issues. It increased launch and spin so if you combined it with a heel/toe miss you are in a bit of trouble.

More info from Callaway Golf:





-Nice stock shaft offering

-Great sound



-46” stock length (more difficult to be consistent with a long shaft)

-Head Cover (Looks and feels cheap and does not fit well. It looks like it was made for an 800cc driver head)

By Bunkers Paradise Forum Member – Dave Mills

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