Full Swing Simulator Review : The Ultimate Indoor Golf Simulation Experience

Have you ever just wanted to play St. Andrews but you just haven’t found the time to hop over the pond? Add to that, wouldn’t it be nice to play a course like St. Andrews (80 courses to date and the database is growing) and be able to work on your game by get real time feedback by an incredible integrated Full Swing Simulator system.

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Full swing simulators have come a long long way. I remember back quite a few years when I lived in the Midwest heading down to the nearest hip happening arcade for adults that had these remarkable golf games where you have your own little stall and you play 18 holes against your buddies. It seemed like we were ahead of the times back then…but oh how things have changed.

That was then and this is now.

Now it is possible to play some of the most famous golf courses in the World because the leader in Golf Simulators, Full Swing Golf,  has changed everything you know about the game. They have created the most unique state of the art technologically advanced fully integrated golf simulator that will absolutely blow your mind into the stratosphere. It did mine and I am so honored that Full Swing Golf invited Bunkers Paradise to take an inside look at their indoor golf experience that will not only change the way you think about practicing, but will allow you to see first hand by advanced technology exactly what you, the club and ball are doing with every swing…in absolute ‘REAL TIME’.

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Straight from Full Swing Golf:

It was just 27 years ago that Floyd Arnold, founder of Full Swing Golf, had a vision. Little did he know that he would leave his mark, an ever-lasting impression as a true revolutionary…
leading the way in indoor golf technology.

Floyd and his associates developed what the experts call a “true ball-flight measuring device,” the infrared tracking system that lies at the heart of the unit. The first of its kind, this unique technology does not infer ball flight statistics from the measurement of the club, the swing, or the golfer…
it measures the ball in flight alone.

Applied to each and every Full Swing Golf simulator, this remarkable technology could not be matched by anyone and Full Swing Golf quickly became a revolutionary contributor and instigator of indoor golf’s ever-growing popularity and acceptance throughout the golf industry.

As a player, I have to say that the experience with the Full Swing Simulator was beyond my wildest dreams. Here is a product that can be used in your home, in your business, for a clubhouse and it’s pros and members and for teachers all over the world to help train and improve the games of every player that steps into and experiences the Full Swing Simulator.



Full Swing Golf features exclusive, multi-sensor technology to accurately track and replicate ball flight.

The Full Swing Simulator gives you incredibly accurate spin, trajectory and distance measurements from state of the art patented infrared sensor systems. The 2  infrared planes  ‘catch’ the ball after you make contact and precisely replicate real ball flight. With the new high speed cameras, and infrared system, it is so fast that it’s tracking system actually measures the golf ball’s speed, launch angle and direction instantly. In other words, everything is in ‘Real Time’ — matching natural ball flight, shot shape, and distance providing the golfer with realistic golf experience.

By using patented infra-red sensor technology, we instantaneously measure speed and trajectory, using two infra-red sensor “windows” between the screen and the golfer. FSG can measure the exact speed and trajectory of the ball as it passes through the windows… all at the speed of light.

Full Swing Golf Simulator has their own ION 2 3rd generation camera above the player, that allow you to have the ball anywhere within approximately 18 inches of the optimal spot. In other words, you don’t have to hit from the exact same spot with every shot to register your swing statistics and dig a hole into the ground. This is unlike any other golf simulator on the market and is dead on with every swing. Think of the ION 2 as more intelligent with it’s own eyeball to locate your ball you and adjusts the alignment on the screen so you are hitting and seeing exactly where you lie on the course. Simply put–AMAZING!

This dedicated high-speed ION 2 camera measures ball spin characteristics such as back spin, side spin, and spin axis. The camera also captures extensive club head data such as club speed, club path, and club face angle. This is all before it even hits the ‘screen’.

What is ‘Real Time’ mean?–

Full Swing Golf marries both the real and virtual worlds unlike any other simulator. Our infra-red sensors track balls movie at over 200mph and communicate ball-flight info instantaneously to the software. The result is Real-Time ball flight, a seamless continuation from real world to virtual world. This is only possible with our patented lightwave technology.

Full Swing has a easy to use touchscreen interface allowing player to select courses, create competitions, practice, play, analyze. It is amazing and very easy and fun to play with as you work on your game.

The combined technologies above provide the most accurate data collection in golf simulation to date and you will never be the same after stepping in and trying out the Full Swing Simulator.

BP Gang with Full Swing Simulator

The Look and Feel of the Full Swing Simulator

When you walk up to the Full Swing Simulator your breath is taking away by the incredible view you see of the compact yet impressive simulator with over 80 courses at our fingertips. I can see how this simulating sensation can be used in offices, clubhouses, homes and for teaching purposes.

We had three of us from Bunkers Paradise take the trip down to Full Swing Golf in San Diego to check out the simulator and we were in awe of how real each and every hole looked and how the turf under our feet felt just like being on the course. We all sat back and took in the beauty of such an amazing ‘work of art’. What I mean is that we could just use the touchscreen and pull up some of the most gorgeous courses in the world and stand on the tee box in awe.

How would you like to play the ‘Road Hole’ at St. Andrews over and over just because you can and feel like you are right there. Well, we had the chance and did just that.

The most amazing feature to me is the realistic view of the shot you get. You can just feel right at impact that you know where the ball is heading and the screen shows exactly what your shot looks like…good or bad. We all felt that it was spot on with every shot.



Hands down this is the best of the best. Realistic from providing you the exact view of your shot. There is no messing around with this Full Swing Simulator. For 27 years they have lead the market with Golf Simulators, but this one knocks everything before and all the competitors out of the ball park.

The Full Swing Simulator executes incredibly accurate ball tracking with stunning visuals. You can play, practice and compete regardless of the weather outside. Every shot I hit was dead on and tracked seamlessly to its resting place.

We all were able to see exactly with great detail where our club face angle was at impact, the ball spin, distance, swing speed, club path…you name it we were able to get immediate feedback and could make adjustments in our swings if needed.

Manny Maldonado, Mike Jener and myself were just jaw dropping amazed at the performance of the Full Swing Simulator. We did not want to leave…we shut their offices down we were having such a fabulous time.


There is nothing but great things to say about our experience. This is something I hope every business, clubhouse and home considers purchasing. There are a lot of options to build your Full Swing Simulator to meet your financial parameters. Please check them out at their website for more information: http://www.fullswinggolf.com/

Full Swing Golf BP Picture Gallery

Detailed Full Swing Sim Lefty Takes a Swing on Full Swing Sim Mike takes a rip on Full Swing Sim

Final Thoughts

The Full Swing Golf Simulator gives you the best in realism, game-improvement, competition and entertainment.

Here is a great chance to play Pebble Beach as many times as you would like in the comfort of your desired setting (home, office, club…) and you will see the shape of your shot from impact to landing (high, low, fade, draw, slice, hook, short or long).

Many tour players like Poulter, Mahan, and Haas already have the Full Golf Simulator in their homes. Club Houses, businesses and top golf instructors are ordering and installing the Full Swing Simulator.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to wake up and step up to St. Andrew’s #1 tee box first thing in the morning without leaving the house and this is the perfect way to have fun while improving your game. Win Win!



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