New Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Driver | Quick Look Preview

Wilson Staff has just introduced a new line of woods and irons to the market, the FG Tour M3.  They are their first line of woods that are adjustable and they look incredible.  Along with this Multi-Fit System, they include a lot of features that set them apart from other woods out of the market.  This quick look preview will show all of the new features of the FG Tour M3 driver.


  • Multi-Fit System
  • Variable Thickness Face
  • Lighter Chemically Etched Crown
  • Deep Face

The Multi-Fit System allows the player to customize their loft and weight of the driver.  With 6 adjustable loft settings and 3 interchangeable sole weights, this driver will help maximize club head speed and ball speeds.  This system will obtain the right launch angle and spin rate for any golfer’s swing to maximize driving distance.  The FG Tour M3 driver will come with a loft of 9.5 degrees but it can be changed into an 8.5 degree to a 11.5 degree in half degree increments.

Wilson Staff has also varied the thickness of the face on the driver.  This will maximize the CT and increase ball speeds.  This driver won’t have that annoying sound that some drivers do.  The lighter, etched crown will create a better sound while obtaining ideal mass distribution.  The deep face of this 460cc driver helps make this driver look more compact at address.



Recommended for:

Wilson Staff uses the letters F (feel), C (control), and D (distance), when naming their products to make it easier for any golfer to choose the right clubs.  This driver is for any golfer that Feel and Control player.  This golfer has already passed beginner stages and is now wanting more accuracy and control.

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