Golf Tip: How to Hit a Low Punch Shot

Ever find yourself in unfamiliar territory like off the fairway? Wonder how in the world you are going to manage the low hanging tree limbs in front of you and it is your only escape from the depths of Sherwood Forest to get back into play?

The low punch shot is what you need in your arsenal of shots. It is also a great shot to have on those blustering windy days that have you frustrated with the ball sailing up into the stratosphere and going absolutely nowhere no matter what club you choose or how hard you hit it.

How to Hit the Low Punch Shot

First, move the ball back in your stance. In other words, set the ball up more toward the back foot (the foot farthest away from the target–right foot for right-handed players and left foot for left-handed players) and be sure to square the face of the head directly at your target. This will create a lower trajectory ball flight because of the angle of the club at impact. Playing the ball back in your stance will also create less loft at impact due to ball position being farther away from the intended target.

punch shot ball position

Key is to allow the club to do the work. When you take the club away on your backswing, allow your hands to extend low and away and swing down through the ball with smoothness. You have set yourself up to allow the position and the deliberate takeaway to assist in a lower ball trajectory–let the clubhead do the work.

The most important part of the low punch shot is what happens after impact–folllow-through. As you come through the impact zone, keep your follow-through low and extend toward the intended target line allowing your body to turn naturally with centrifugal force leading you to the finish.

You will know if the shot is a success if you find yourself back in play and the ball stays low without much loss in distance.

Final Thoughts

The low punch shot is one that does require practice and mental confidence to pull off. Once you hit it a few times you will see how easy it can become and it will be just another shot in your back to pull out when needed.

Once you master the straight low punch, you can adjust the face angle (close it down a bit or slightly open it) to move the ball a bit more if needed. Sometimes you many need to ‘bend’ a shot out of Sherwood Forest and it will be nice to have this one locked away in your shot making skill arsenal.

Share with us at Bunkers Paradise when you used this tip and how it worked out for you! Best golfing success to you always.

‘keep smiling and always believe’

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