Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Irons Review: Best Kept Secret in Golf

We got our hands on Wilson Golf’s new 2014 line of irons, which include the C100, D100 and FG Tour M3 Irons. I recently talked with the folks over at Wilson Staff and they stressed to me the importance of each golfer getting properly fit. Wilson Staff understands that every golfer is unique. I definitely don’t swing like a pro golfer, where others might. One other thing Wilson wanted to stress was how they intend to make every golfers’ game better by utilizing their F-C-D golf clubs and fitting process. The F-C-D stands for Feel (FG Tour M3), Control (C100) and Distance (D100 ES).

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Wilson Staff went to their tour professionals and asked what they wanted to see in a better golf club and the FG Tour M3 Irons is what was delivered.  So let’s get into the review of the Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Irons.

Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Iron Grass



The FG Tour M3 Irons are forged with 8620 carbon steel and a matte black PVD finish, which I think is one of the better looking black finished clubs on the market.  They have the similar look to the Miura Black Boron finish irons.  It has a cavity design that Wilson Staff has hidden within the head and the top line is thin.  In the impact area of the FG Tour M3, the face is thinner in the long irons, transitioning to thicker in the short irons.  The overall looks of these clubs are very good.

Wilson FG Tour Iron with Ball



The FG Tour M3 Irons are one of the best feeling irons I have ever hit.  I’m not exagerrating at all when I make that claim.  When the FG Tour M3 irons first arrived I wasn’t sure how they would actually play for my game.  I generally use an iron that has a little more forgiveness to help with minor mis-hits.  I first stepped up to the mat and took my first swing.  I remember turning to my staff and asking if they heard that.  One of them asked, “heard what?”  Exactly was my reply.  I didn’t hear anything.  Our Senior Editor likes to use the term “hits like butter”, meaning it is smooth, soft and a great feel.   The Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 irons hit like butter.  They are soft, quiet and feel great at impact.

Wilson FG Tour M3 Address



I already started to discuss the performance of the FG Tour M3 irons above, but let’s dig a little deeper.  Wilson Staff put as much mass as possible in the heel and toe of the long irons for increased MOI and forgiveness and more thickness in the short irons for consistency and workability.  I’m attaching a diagram below so you can see a little better of what I mean.

Wilson Staff F Player FG Tour M3 FG Tour V2 FG Tour 100 Irons TheGreekGrind Pappas
Let’s take a quick moment to make it clear that the FG Tour M3 irons are meant for quality players who are looking for shot shaping hits and precision.  These are not your “game improvement” irons.  However, Wilson did make the the FG Tour M3 with a little longer face and a bigger sweet spot than some other “tour” style irons on the market.  The FG Tour M3 irons felt decently forviging for a forged iron and also had good pop off the face.  Anytime you hit the sweet spot with this club it will bring a smile to your face.  As far as distance is concerned, I didn’t notice any big changes from my normal irons I play, but I surely didn’t lose any distance.  Along with that, the FG Tour M3 irons had a beautifuly piercing ball flight.  I really enjoyed the overall performance of the Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 irons.

Final Thoughts:

I have been preaching for the last six months or so how impressed I have been with the new products from Wilson Staff starting from last years D100 release.  I have now been able to hit the new D100ES, C100 and FG Tour M3 irons and all three impressed.

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