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Whether you are an older golfer or a younger golfer the chances that you have heard of the Big Bertha driver is very likely.  I remember in High School hearing about the Big Bertha driver and I wasn’t even into golf.  It’s just one of those nostalgic items in history that has stuck around, even after no one really has played it for several years now.  So when Callaway Golf decided to release a new version of the Big Bertha, there was a lot of excited and hesitation from fans.  I think most of the hesitation came from people not wanting a good thing ruined.  Well you can all relax because Callaway Golf has not only done the Big Bertha justice, but probably has added to the nostalgia.

Back in the day, the Big Bertha’s tag line was “The World’s Friendliest Driver”.  In 2013, Callaway golf is using the tag line, “Bertha’s Back and a lot meaner”.  Let’s see why in this quick look review of the new 2014 Callaway Big Bertha Driver.

“While loft and shaft flex and weight and total weight are usually addressed as primary elements when players are getting fitted for a driver, certainly in the first level of consideration among the second tier of significant variables is center of gravity position,” Hocknell says. “It’s a bit of a new stage for us to launch this into the consumer world, but our testing on players to this point suggests that there are good reasons for each one to be distinct from the other.”

From Callaway


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Forged Composite
A high strength, lightweight crown that improbably weighs only 8 grams. And by saving weight in the crown we get: Adjustable Perimeter Weighting, a deeper CG for more forgiveness, and low spin with a lighter, more preferred swing weight. And because you get all of that, it’s pretty clear that when you add more adjustability to a driver, you’ve got to have Forged Composite.


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New Hyper Speed Face

Why is our new Hyper Speed Face design so groundbreaking? Well, it’s lighter (as in 10% lighter), hotter, and more robust than ever before, increasing ball speeds all across the face. You probably hit it dead center every time, but even if you don’t, our longest Total Performance Driver ever has you covered. That’s why there’s long, and then there’s “Bertha Long!”

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 2.38.16 PM

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting

There’s a new continuous Adjustable Perimeter Weighting slide toward the rear of the club. That’s why Big Bertha has 20% higher MOI for more forgiveness AND an INFINITE NUMBER of Draw and Fade bias options. As you might expect, it all amounts to longer, straighter shots. And those are good things.

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 2.38.37 PM

New Advanced Adjustable Hosel Technology

Increase or decrease your loft (up to +2° or down -1°) and adjust Draw or Neutral bias, optimizing your launch, backspin and dialing in your preferred shot shape. In a few clicks, you’ll be fit for maximizing your distance with more accuracy.

The dual launch of Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha is not merely to offer different levels of sophistication, but also to more closely fit different types of golfers to a particular center of gravity location, says Alan Hocknell, Callaway’s senior vice president of research and development.



I am completely in love with the look of the 2014 Big Bertha Driver.  When looking at the Big Bertha I can’t help but think of the Captain America.  It has that sleek silver, blue and red color and looks very sharp.  The Big Bertha has a lot of technology going on with gizmos and gadgets everywhere but I think Callaway did a great job making sure it didn’t look too busy by coordinating the colors.   The top of the Big Bertha is flat out simple but effective.  No crazy markings, no odd ball alignment tricks, but a sleek black top…Go Time!


With all kinds of adjustability on the new Big Bertha you can set up for a draw, fade, low flying ball or high flying.  The new Gravity Core vertical CG Pin, some are saying will be the best new technology of 2014.  The Gravity Core weighs 10.5 grams and has a heavy tungsten tip on a light nylon body. It fits into a carbon fiber tube, accessible from the sole of the driver.

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Callaway Golf has made the new 2014 Big Bertha Driver for the masses.  Whether you are a high handicap or low handicap golfer, the Big Bertha is meant for you.  The Big Bertha is going to make a lot of noise in 2014, not only because Callaway Golf has one of the best PR departments of any OEM, but because the Big Bertha Driver is a quality golf club.



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