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We have all heard the term ‘drive for show, putt for dough’.  No one can argue that you can lower your score by putting better, but what about chip shots, sand shots and flop shots?  If you could perfect these types of shots, your putting would improve without a doubt because your ball will be sitting closer to that ever elusive hole.  Why putt from 25-50 feet away when you could be putting from 5-10 feet away?  The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is here to help you accomplish that.

From Perfect Pitch Golf Mats: 

Drop 3-5 strokes from your short game

  • Learn the correct way to set your feet, golf ball, and distance from the ball for chip, pitch, sand, and flop shots

  • These key fundamentals are difference between a sub-par short game and a great short game

  • After a few weeks of practicing with the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat you will have a better short game and shoot lower scores

So the big question here is does it work?  In this review of the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat, I hope to explain to you why I think it’s a solid tool for many golfers and not only beginners.



We always start in our reviews here at Bunkers Paradise on how an item looks.  There is a reason for that.  Humans are visual people and the way something looks, even first glance, makes a huge impression on what our final thoughts are going to be.  You can from the photo above that you have a good looking product on your hands.  The mat has solid markings to make it easy to follow the step by step process of hitting different types of pitch shots, which I’ll explain later.


Let’s first start with how the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat works.  As you can see in the photos there are different colored markings.  Each colored marking correlates with a certain type of golf shot, whether it be a flop shot, a pitch or a chip shot.  The Perfect Pitch Mat makes training and even learning how to hit these shots extremely simple.  The mat comes with a guide to show you where to place your feet and the golf ball.

For example: Chip Shots – Position the outside of your feet on the red feet markers.  Position your toes up to the white line, then place the ball on the red dot most comfortable for you.  The guide also even gives you tips further.  Continuing with the Chip Shots – Set up with 60-70% of your weight on the front foot, your hands should be ahead of the ball at impact and lower rolling shot is easier to control than a lofted shot.


So for someone who isn’t quite sure how they should set up for a particular shot or even how to swing, the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat explains it all.  The Perfect Pitch Mat also has set up examples for Pitch shots, Sands shots and Flop shots.  Each come with tips and how to set up properly.

I walked myself through each and every set up they offered and followed their instructions 100% to see if would help my game improve.  After an hour on the mat, I was amazed at how much help it was.  Even if you are a seasoned golfer, there is nothing wrong with going back to the basics and having a tool to force you to “do it right”.  With the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat, you are forced to place the ball exactly where it should be for certain shots.

The other great thing is that you can take it anywhere with you even to the golf range.  It’s lightweight and durable so taking it places is simple.  I took mine to my local football field, laid it down on the goal line of the end zone and began working from 10 yard shots to 100 yards pitches.

The only thing I have against the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is that it’s a mat.  I know that makes no sense at all, but I just don’t like hitting off mats just like most of you.  But….. for being a mat that is lightweight, it truly is durable and felt as good as a mat can feel.

Final Thoughts:

I’m a big fan of the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat.  I truly believe that beginners and experiences golfers can utilize it to improve their game or just brush up on their game.

For more information or to purchase a Perfect Pitch Golf Mat click HERE.

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