TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver Review | Confidence on the Tee Box

With all of the new products that come out every year, it is hard to get excited.  When I found out the Taylormade JetSpeed driver would have their patented Speed Pocket on the sole of the club, that definitely caught my attention. The JetSpeed is the first-ever driver to incorporate TaylorMade’s renowned Speed Pocket technology.

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In this case the Speed Pocket is engineered to promote less spin. JetSpeed’s Speed Pocket also offers a huge performance advantage when impact is made low on the face, where most driver mis-hits occur. With most drivers, low impact generates too much spin, making the ball fly too high and land short. JetSpeed’s Speed Pocket is engineered to minimize that added spin dramatically, to give you more distance. You’ll get a noticeable boost in power when you catch it thin. And when you hit it center-face? Ba-boom.



Here is some other technology that you should be aware of that make up what TaylorMade Golf is hoping will be the #1 Driver in Golf for 2014.

  • First Speed Pocket engineered for a driver promotes more distance on hits low on the face
  • Low-and-forward CG promotes faster ball speed and lower spin-rate for more distance
  • Long and light – 46” / 299 grams — promotes faster swing speed for more distance
  • Shallow profile allows ultra-low CG to promote high launch for more distance
  • Streamlined head-shape promotes faster swing speed for more distance
  • Matrix Velox T 49 shaft promotes fast swing speed for more distance
  • Matte black crown reduces glare / tonal decal makes alignment easy


After playing about 4 rounds, and hitting a couple hundred balls on the range, I REALLY, REALLY like this driver. Let’s take a look:


The first thing I noticed with the JetSpeed is that Taylormade has ditched the white crown from the R1 and RBZ line, and switched to a flat black crown. I love it. It also looks like the face sticks out from the club a little, giving the feel of a large, hittable face. Also, on the sole you can’t miss the Speed Pocket. Overall this club looks awesome and will give you confidence standing over the ball.

TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver Top



One of the first things I noticed when swinging this driver is that it is light. I have the Matrix Velox 49 gram stiff shaft.  TaylorMade wasn’t joking around when they said the JetSpeed Driver was light, weighing in at 299 grams.  On center hits, the ball flies off of the face with a high, penetrating ball flight. It makes a noticeable sound on impact that let’s you know you pounded the ball. The best thing about this driver is the addition of the Speed Pocket. I tend to hit the ball low on the face, and that’s what the Speed Pocket is for. Low face hits don’t feel nearly as bad as normal, and also go farther than other drivers.

TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver Bottom

How Does It Perform:

The TaylorMade JetSpeed driver performed really well. It is light, so I felt like I just needed to slow down and let the club do the work, and it works. This club is long and straight. It is easy to hit. I will say that if I have one complaint about the driver, it’s that it is too light. This will be great for players that have a slower swing speed. Once I figured out that I didn’t need to crush the ball to hit it far with the JetSpeed, this club was fun to hit. I have hit more fairways in the last 4 rounds, than I can remember hitting in any previous rounds.

You can see in the graphic below how the JetSpeed driver compares to a traditional driver and the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver.  There is quite a bit of difference there.

JetSpeed Driver Shaft


Final Thoughts:

This driver has made getting off of the tee box an enjoyable experience. This was not the case before. My only thought on the tee box was, “keep the ball in play”.   The tee box has always been a tough place for me, but that has changed. This club is long and easy to hit. I think the addition of the low and forward CG is going to help a lot of golfers.  Thank you Taylormade for changing my outlook on hitting a driver.


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