ProApproach Pop-up Net by ProAdvanced Sports Review

I have to say the last 6-8 months of my golfing has been some of the best driving and iron play I have ever played, logging in some serious range time and playing as much as golf as I can…..

What has been sorely lacking is some serious chipping and short game practice and my scoring has reflected this.

When Ken asked me to give the “Pro Return Golf Practice Net” a try I could not be happier.

Company tag-line

Instant set-up and 30 seconds fold down
Unique ball return system
Great for indoor and outdoor use
Lightweight and portable

Contents: Carrying Case, Practice Net, Two Spikes, Target net with three holes





Assembled Dimensions: 60”high x 35”wide x 64”depth


Let me start off by saying the net comes with a set of handy dandy instructions on the inside panel of the carrying case, give these a quick read over before set-up and this will make for an easy set-up and take down.

I live in a relatively good size apartment with low ceilings, I was able to set-up the net in less than a minute, 58 seconds to be exact and began my practice session.
My first impression is the net reminded me of the basketball shoot around game you see at Dave N Busters where the game is self contained and the ball comes back to you very much the same concept.

I practiced my chipping using different clubs the net returned the ball back to me each time. I purposely used only 2 balls and with great surprise I really only needed one. The included target proved to be helpful and was a good way of mix-up the practice. The practice session continued for about an hour and at no time did I have to resort to reaching into the net to dig out the ball.

Fold Down

After a quick once over I was able to tear down the net and store back in my golf closet, yes golf closet. It did take me a few more then 30 seconds to take break it down, but in all fairness it was relatively simple, 47 seconds; again read the instructions.

Full Swing Practice

My next round of practice was in my side yard, again easy set-up but this time I took to some full swings (irons only). I have had a few practice nets before and because they are an all net system full swings would tend to send the ball flying into the my neighbors yard. The Pro Advanced Net has a solid backing which keeps the ball inside hitting area for the ball to collect and return. This is a huge improvement over a typical practice net as I was able to get in a decent amount of full swings and not send any golf balls flying into my neighbors yard.



As promised the Pro Advanced Net is lightweight, easy to set-up and take down, and the ball return is legitimate.
I have logged in 15-20 practice sessions and have had the same satisfactory results. I met up with a friend whose 9 year old daughter has taken up golf and she was able to set-up the net and take it down on her own and get a quick short game practice session in. Best part of the use of the net is that my short game has improved and I knocked off a few strokes.

For more information on the ProAdvanced Pop Up Net click HERE.

Review By: Phil Burns

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