Quick Golf Tips: Toss the Ball For Distance

You can leave your clubs at home for this one guys.  Yup you heard me right, you don’t need a golf club to become  a longer hitter.  Not only will this work for distance, but also for seeing what your swing path is actually doing and help with ball striking.

Here is how the drill works.  Take a golf ball, set up over another golf ball on the ground in the address position.  Then simulate your golf swing, releasing the ball in an underhand toss at a target about 5-15 yards away.  When making your making your turn down to the ball, you have to release the ball where you would normally “release” your clubface at impact.

"L" Position

“L” Position

Now to see what is happening with your swing look for these hints.  If your ball is tossed to the left of the target, you are most likely a golfer who slices or fades the ball.  You will fling your right arm across your body in a outside to in path.  Concentrate on your feet as well.  Your weight should transfer to your left foot.

Here is the goal – Your right arm folded in an “L” position at the top, right palm open at release, knees touching at the finish while being balanced with the ball starting slight right of the target at the toss.  The “L” position at the top seems to be a hard one for a lot of folks, especially those who have played other sports, IE baseball, tennis, softball etc.  I would suggest that finding the proper position at top will allow the rest of the swing to naturally come into place.

Good luck and remember to ‘Live, Love and Learn Everything Golf’

Ken Lee

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