LoudMouth Golf X Watch Review – Get Loud

The LoudMouth X Watch will not Disappoint

I had the honor and distinct privilege of reviewing a ‘Smashing and Loud’ watch! LoudMouth has put out the LoudMouth X watch which I totally fell in love with at first site. Mind you, I love watches, but this one is amazing.

At first I wondered why they chose me at Bunkersparadise.com to review a watch. What was it all about? Would it hit my shot for me? (Don’t we all wish that some days!!) Then when it arrived, I just knew it was because anyone on Team LoudMouth, and those considering joining, would want to get their hands on this watch to set themselves apart from the rest of their peers. On the course, off the course, on a date and hanging with friends at home—this watch has created a stir all around me and everyone wants to get one and bit a part of the ‘in’ crowd!

Specifics behind the LoudMouth X Watch

This is a watch that will get you noticed no matter where you wear it…and it can be worn everywhere. What will really catch the eye of your closest friends it that one day you will have say a green band on and the next day and orange one on. They will think you have purchased many watches…but the truth is that LoudMouth will give you 3 bands that are easily interchangeable to fit your ‘mood’…or match your clothes. There are multiple LoudMouth X watch faces to choose from and each comes with 3 different color bands.

Overall there are 120 different combinations you can create with simply purchasing a few of the very unique and very LoudMouth like faces. I chose the Magic Bus face and love it to pieces.

Each watch comes with a very easy and Quick Change System allowing for a magical change even on the go.  If you prefer to change it up a bit with a different color band, different LoudMouth pattern or simply to just change it to match the way you feel.

Each watch has hypoallergenic silicone straps and LED illuminated faces (my 3 ½ year old loves this feature…ok, so I love this feature as well secret be told!) It also has an Analog Japanese Movement (this is where there are 3 hands representing the hour, minute and seconds). As mentioned it is totally interchangeable and you can buy one or many to up your combinations and style. (I totally plan to get a few more to have lots of options to meet my mood and dress). Lastly, you can be confident in the design of the face as it is made of Ultra tough safety plastic face and case (this is huge since my daughter decided it would make for a cool Frisbee like object chucking it across our travertine floor!—no damage to report at all.)

 LM X  Watch with Kate

The Look

If you haven’t guessed by now, the look is stunning and unique making heads turn your way to check out your ‘wrist candy’. Multiple face designs make it easy to choose the one you like the best. However, I couldn’t choose one, so I am purchasing many to fit my needs and desires of a look that will kill.

You certainly can’t go wrong with the look as there are 3 different color bands to accompany each watch face purchased. Now I don’t see that happening much with any other watches allowing you to pick and chose the look you want that day or night.

The LED flashing colors allows for another great addition to the look as it gives a nice colorful rainbow of colors to show off the watch. Side note—the button for the LED is hidden so you can surprise your friends with your magic.

Overall, the look is sensational and you will be the talk in every round of golf, every 19th hole and everywhere outside of golf. This watch has the look to wear it any time, any day and everywhere you go.

Feel and Performance:

With a silicone strap, this watch is beyond comfortable. As a matter of fact, I am wearing it now as I type and there is not ‘digging’ into my wrist from resting my hands on the keyboard. In addition, it is light and feels smooth and like just a part of me…like your own skin.

Now I was a little concerned at how it would feel on the course playing and practicing and it felt wonderful and didn’t impede my swing whatsoever. It felt great on and looked even better. I wore it every round since I received it and never once has it been a bother. I also wore it straight from the course to dinner and home and it was perfect.

As far as performance, it kept the time perfectly and allowed me to swing with amazing smoothness.

But really what was more important to me is how easy it will be to change out bands to meet my wants and needs. LoudMouth says that it would be an easy change and they are spot on. It took me less than 30 seconds to change out bands. It is beyond easy so it totally performed to their claims. Hey, I am a real stickler to ease of use and not creating a massive mental breakdown of frustration. The LoudMouth X watch gave me the serenity I needed to change out the bands with calmness. J

Overall, the LoudMouth X Watch performs absolutely precisely and perfectly. One thing to note, the LoudMouth X watch is not water proof, so this is not the watch to keep on if you need to dive in a lake to retrieve your errant shot, or the club you just threw.


If you don’t have one yet…get yours now or you will fall behind the ‘times’.

I give the LoudMouth watch a Bunkers Paradise Eagle Rating.

‘keep smiling and always believe’




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