Golf News: Steve Elkington Apologizes After Racially Insensitive Tweets

Steve Elkington is Australian and apparently in Australia they don’t understand racially insensitive remarks?  Well that is the excuse Elkington used anyway when apologizing for some tweets he made earlier in the week on Twitter.

Here are the tweets that got Elkington in trouble with thousands of folks.  Unfortunately he has deleted the tweets since so I am unable to get you photo of them.  But here they are quoted.

“Things about Southport… fat tattooed guy, fat tattooed girl, trash, Pakistani robber guy, [expletive] food.”

Elkington tweeted again, using a term for Pakistanis that is regarded as highly offensive in England. The tweet has also been deleted.

“Couple caddies got rolled by some Pakkis, bad night for them.”

Elkington issued a statement before his third round, and was given a police escort on the course Saturday.

“In my tweet I was referring to an unfortunate incident involving a caddie earlier in the week. Being Australian, I was unaware that my use of language in relation to the Pakistani people would cause offense, but having been made aware I now deeply regret the use of that terminology.

Southport is a beautiful place and I have enjoyed playing at Royal Birkdale, as my positive content on Twitter has shown. My comments were born out of frustration over what had happened to a colleague…. I am prepared to adhere to any disciplinary action that the Championship sees fit.”

Elkington could face sanctions for his tweets but it is yet to see what actions they will take.  Here is what has been stated so far.

“We have spoken to Steve Elkington about his inappropriate and regrettable comments on Twitter, and the matter will be reviewed before the Championship considers taking any disciplinary action against the player,” the R&A said in a joint statement with the European Senior Tour and Champions Tour.”

Whatever happens with Elkington, I’m thinking it’s best that he just stays of Twitter for a bit to cool things down.  But hey, it’s entertaining us right?

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