Lidliners Review: Keep Your Lid Looking Sharp

Hey, guys.  Long time no type! Hope all is well on your end of the club.  If they’re not, here’s a little way to make your round – or any hat wearing day for that matter – a little cooler, if nothing else.

LidLiners are a great, affordable, easy to use, disposable way to keep your hats clean, and you feeling fresh.  From the second I opened the box containing my samples, I was sold.  They’re so light, even in a pack of 16, you won’t even realize they’re in your bag, backpack, wherever you keep them.  Once I opened the bag, it was less than 10 seconds before I had one fully “installed” and ready to wear.
The moisture guard doubles as the adhesive.  And don’t worry if it takes you a second to figure out the proper alignment, the adhesive is light enough to be put on and off a couple times before wearing down, and once you put the hat on, the pressure keeps it in place all on its own.  Throughout a four hour round of golf, I didn’t notice it once, and it didn’t slip a bit.  They’re so thin, they create no aesthetic difference that would signal to anyone you’re wearing them.
The first thing I noticed when I did put my hat on (before picture below) was that after about three seconds, I completely forgot it was there.  That’s pretty big since nobody wants to use anything that will be a distraction standing over a shot.  The next thing I noticed, was that the round was over!  I peeled the lid liner off, threw it away, and put my hat back on, fresh and dry, looking as clean as it did when I put it on.  No wetness, no salt lines (granted I took the picture with a white hat, but have since worn them with hats of various colors with the same success and satisfaction) no annoying dampness for the rest of the day.
Bottom line is, the guys over at LidLiners have a winner here.  I’ll always have some in the bag, ready to go for those hot days.  Easy, simple, good price and most importantly, effective.  Not sure what the kids are saying these days, but “I dig it”.  I will be placing an order for more soon as the samples they sent me are almost gone.
For more information and to purchase your lidliners click HERE.

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