Review: Nike TW ’14 Golf Shoe

Tiger Woods is without a doubt the most recognizable golfer, if not athlete, in the world.  He has dominated time after time on the course.  Has his fame and success transferred to a successful product line through his main sponsor, Nike Golf?  Let’s take a look at the new Tiger Woods ’14 golf shoes and find out if Nike and Tiger have a winner.


The new Nike TW ’14 golf shoes are a built around the idea of mobility while still keeping the stability needed to exert that extra energy when needed in a golf shot.  With 3 key features surrounding the TW ‘14 (Nike Free-Inspired Outsole, Nike Dynamic Fit, and Ventilation), it exudes a plethora of quality and performance you expect from a Tiger Woods product.

Let’s take a look at how the Nike TW ’14 golf shoe did in our testing.

How does it look?air-jordan-3-black-crimson-1

At first glance I noticed that the TW ’14 had some resemblance to a mix of the original Air Jordan 1 & 3.  It has a very athletic look to it that really takes you away from the traditional view of a golf shoe.  This initially gave me a bit of negative thoughts as I wasn’t sure how these were going to look with just shorts as I am not a very “retro” person.  After a bit of trial with both pants and shorts, I found that the look grew on me and pretty soon I felt as if I was showing my competitive side with these shoes.

With both the white and black versions of the TW ’14 in hand, I really gravitated towards the black.  While the white was very clean looking, it lacked personality to me.  It almost looks a little orthopedic in nature with the way it is structured and how that translates in an all white (excluding the black, grey, and red accents) frame.  Needless to say the black version really popped and immediately won the battle of the two.

How does it feel?

Oh man does this shoe feel good.  When talking to a fellow golfer in my league I had mentioned a few times that I was contemplating taking the spikes out just so I could wear them as my every day shoe and even at work.  The TW ‘14 is comfortable beyond anything I have felt in a golf shoe.


To start, the frame of the shoe seemed to hug my foot as if it were made specifically from a mold.  The Nike Dynamic Fit with Flywire technology cradled my frame like it was giving it a warm hug.  Along with the frame was the excellent support of the stock insole.  I normally need to add a 3rd party gel support to keep my feet from hurting after a round but the TW ’14 seemed to do all but give me a foot massage at the end of the day.

My only gripe about the feel would be that there could have been a rounded, less rough edging of the tongue but this wasn’t too much of a nuisance.

How does it perform?

At the end of the day a golf shoe should help keep you stable on the course so you can swing away without worrying about slipping.  The TW ’14 did just that.  I not only felt connected to the ground during my swings, but had no problems walking the course with ease.  Every step felt as if I was wearing a cross-trainer that latched to the ground when called upon.


Final Thoughts:

Nike and Tiger Woods have really come up with a shoe that combines athleticism and golf performance.  The TW ’14 golf shoe is a remarkable product that can actually help a golfer’s confidence when stepping up to a shot.  I wasn’t thrilled at the overall design but with the Nike ID system each order can be customized to an individual’s liking.  Nike, you have truly come out with a spectacular golf shoe.

You can learn more about the Nike TW ’14 golf shoe at  It is priced at $179-$225 (depending on customization).


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