We had the opportunity to take out one of Ping’s line of Scottsdale TR putters the last couple weeks.  Ping Golf has put out some of the nicest clubs for 2013 and the Ping B60 Scottsdale TR putter is no different.  With Ping’s newest putter technology, the True Roll variable depth grooves, the Scottsdale line of putters, including the B60 performs great.  Let’s first take a look at what Ping has to say about it.

Scottsdale TR™ putters are named for the “true roll” they provide as the result of PING’s innovative new variable-depth-groove technology. Grooves are deepest in the center and get gradually shallower toward the perimeter to equalize ball speeds for exceptional distance control on putts struck on the center, heel or toe. Adjustable-length shafts help optimize performance, and 12 models fit every stroke type.

Here are some other features I wanted to make sure to list for you.

  • Variable-depth-groove insert
  • Big increase in ball-speed consistency across face
  • 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum insert
  • Adjustable-shaft range (31″-38″)
  • Black PVD finish

So let’s get into the good stuff.  First let’s discuss how the Ping B60 putter looks, then we will move onto performance and feel.  But first, take a look at our fun preview video we made.


The Scottsdale TR B60 putter by Ping has a sleek black finish, with a clean Ping Scottsdale TR logo on it.  It also features the white variable depth grooves on the face.  The B60 features a half moon bat shape to the back of it with one single line for lining up your putts to the sweet spot on the putter.  I’m big fan of a golf club that looks great.  I understand golf is about performance, but there is something about a good looking club that gives you confidence when you stand over it.  The Ping B60 putter does just that.  The feel of putter is spot on as well.  The clubhead is not too heavy and not too light.  It seems that club makers are trying to make every club extra light these days, well in a putter that could be a very bad thing.  The B60 putter comes in at a weight of 345 grams.



Having hit numerous putters in the last couple years during our testing and reviews here at Bunkers Paradise, I find that it takes me a few putts to get a good feel of how the putter performs.  The Ping B60 putter is a traditional length putter that I prefer so that wasn’t an issue.  The one thing I noticed right away was my putts were generally going the same distance each time.  That caught my attention because I really wanted to see if the True Roll technology and variable grooves truly help with distance control.

After my first few putts, I thought it just might be my superior putting skills (we know that’s not true) so I continued on.  The balls were rolling off the face well and it had a nice feel to it on impact.  I did notice that when you did not hit the ball on the sweet spot you really new it by the way the club sounded and felt, but the nice thing was the ball still rolled fairly good.  I continued to perform some miss hits to see what would happen.  To my surprise the B60 did help with distance control to a certain extent.  But let’s be real, there is no club that will help you out when you pull or push your putt too much.  I was very impressed with how the variable grooves made a real difference in distance control overall.



The Variable Grooves really were noticeable  and it will assist you with your distance control.  The B60 has a good weight, is well balanced and lines up nicely for putts.  It has a beautiful finished look that should give you confidence on the green.  I have to say that for the price of this putter, especially from Ping Golf, who a lot of people tend to think costs too much, the B60 is a winner.  One other thing I really wanted to mention here is the customer service at Ping Golf.  When you are making your order online or over the phone with Ping, you will be treated like a first class golfer.  They are wonderful and will make your club specifically for you if you tell them your wants and needs.

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