Golf Tips: Improve your Putting with 3 simple Set-up Steps

Golf Tips:  The Best Set up for Putting Stroke

We talk about tempo with our putting and sometimes we work on mechanics, but one of the most important attributes of a great putter is in their set up…how they stand addressing the ball prior to stroking it.

In order to putt consistently and with a the same tempo every time, you must set up correctly because that will be the only way to guarantee that your putter will swing on the correct arc.

When you break down the set up in putting, there are 3 imaginary lines you need to visualize at address and when these are set correctly, you will have a greater chance of making a repeating tempo putt…and you will build reliability and thus confidence. Don’t we all want a little more confidence on the green?!?!

1)      Eyes need to be over the ball

Eyes over ball

There is a distinct advantage setting up with your eyes over the ball or how I set up: inside left quadrant (for right handed golfers). Having your eyes over the ball will allow you to see down the target line better and it makes it much easier to align your flat stick and body consistently more correctly.

Best way to check to see if our eyes are over the ball is to set up to your putt and keep an extra  ball in your pocket. Once you feel like you are ready to putt the ball, slowly and without moving, take the ball out of your pocket, bring it up to the bridge of your nose and drop it—it should hit the ball on the ground. If it does not hit the ball, adjust your stance accordingly.

2)      Hands should be directly under your shoulders

                        We need to assume you are in a good athletic position (posture—weight on balls of feet, spine tilted diagonally toward ground                    and eyes over ball). Once you have established a good and solid putt posture, your hands should be hanging directly                                       under your shoulders—not way out in front or stuck on your body.

This type of set up will allow arms the freedom of swinging straight back and through without moving all about like a roller coaster.  In addition, this allows the putter blade to take on a perfect arc during the putting stroke…kind of elliptical in shape.

You can check to see if your hands are under your shoulders simply by removing right hand from club and let it dangle…you should be able to grab the club again without moving to it or away from the grip.

3)      Putting Grip more in Palm of hand


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We have heard and know that during the full swing we need to keep the grip more in the fingers vs. the palm of the hand. Well, in putting you need to have the grip more in the palm of your hand vs. the fingers. This will help quiet those pesky writs from taking charge and moving that putter clubface all over creation during the stroke.

When you address you putt, think that your putter as simply an extension of your arms. The grip end should point up your left forearm and a straight line can only be drawn if in fact the grip lays diagonally in the palm of your hand.

Final thoughts

The Putting set up is a bit more focused on the individual and your personal set up—like open, closed, pigeon-toed…but the basics should be close to what has been discussed. Try to hit the practice green and give the three points a try to keep your ball rolling into the hole less times during the round.

We at Bunkers Paradise would love to hear how it goes. Please share with us your thoughts.

‘keep smiling and always believe’

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