Golf Review: The Alphard Duo Golf Cart

It is the beginning of the golf season.  You dust off your clubs, put them in your trunk, and are all set to get out and play 18.  You decide to walk and get the extra exercise since it is such a nice day.  The 8th hole comes up and you are gassed because you actually thought your back could hold up carrying that bag and you shoot an abysmal score because you are more focused on not needing the paramedics called than making par.  Logic says to buy a push cart for your bag.  But there are so many out there and that is one more thing to schlep to the course and to clutter your already full garage.  Is there a solution?  Yes, the Alphard Duo golf cart.

Is it a bag?  Is it a cart?  Is it a “bart?”  The Alphard Duo combines two essential items for the avid golfer.  A 14-way full length divider bag with up to 9 pockets combined with a full featured push cart that is height-adjustable and even better, folds down to take up minimal space.  This 4-wheeled wonder has the potential to fit the needs of just about any golfer looking to play the course on foot.

How does it look?

The Duo cart/bag looks great.  The bag itself is made out of high quality materials that are built to withstand the elements and with a wide variety of vibrant colors it can really showcase your personality.  The cart components look very solid and sleek with white rims and a grey handle frame.

The skins are a really cool feature with the Duo.  It is really quite easy to change and allows a nice level of customization to your golf bag.


How does it feel?

The materials feel great on the bag.  The pockets are nice and deep and there are a lot of them varying in sizes.  The construction is solid and at a high standard that left me feeling very confident in the transport to the course and any obstacles while on the course.

The handle for the cart portion is a collapsible component and thus feels a little pliable even when locked into place.  I didn’t have any problems with it collapsing on me but compared to other push carts it didn’t feel as sturdy.  Everything else on the cart and bag were top notch.

My only complaint would be the weight of the Duo.  The bag is a little large (larger than a practice stand bag) and has a good amount of heaviness to it.  This may cause a problem with anyone with back problems and/or those who have trouble lifting things in general.


How does it perform?

I found the Alphard duo to perform extremely well.  It handled the terrain of any course I played with ease and is showing no signs of wear.  There is ample space to put whatever you like in the bag including shoes, extra clothes, and plenty of balls for that water hole that you love to feed so much.

I had a slight issue with the braking system out of the box but after a few minor tweaks to the tension of the brake cord I was back in business without any further problems.

I want to mention a little bit on ease of use.  I initially had a little bit of a tough time figuring out how the folding system worked but after about 10 minutes of scratching my head I figured it out and now it is quite simple.  My suggestion is to read the manual from the start to save some frustration.  In terms of the bag skin, that was incredibly easy.  It was as simple as unzipping the back of the bag vertically, unbuttoning the top and bottom of the skin, and reversing that order to put the new one on.

Final thoughts:

I really enjoyed reviewing the Alphard Duo.  It is an innovative product that appeals to a good amount of golfers.  I would like the bag to be just a little bit smaller simply because it would make it even more versatile for different vehicle style storage (I have a truck and this barely fits under the bed cover) and it would probably make it a bit lighter too.  There is a lot of great features in this product and I urge anyone looking at getting a new bag or push cart to take a look.

You can take a look at the Alphard Duo on their website

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