Golf Review: The SwingTip Review – Do you really know what your swing looks like?

Golf Review: Swing Tip—Real Time Golf Swing Analysis

As their website says, “This Little thing is a BIG DEAL” And I agree whole heartedly!! This is a must have for all you who are trying to get better and check in with your swing right on the spot! I mean, instant feedback and gratification is the key to success, right?!?! The SwingTip will let you know exactly what is going on in your swing! Where was this 15 years ago!!!!

What is The SwingTip and How does it work?

SwingTIP_Device-w-club  SwingITP_ProView_labels

This is a tiny device you attach to your club and it will give you immediate feedback/analysis of your swing: the Impact position; Power and Play analysis; Audio/Video capture of your swing. This little thing packs a punch and can really help you in achieving your goals.

Clip on the attachment to your club just below the grip, slide on the motion sensor until it clicks,  pop-up sight –lever to make sure you are aligned to clubface correctly, pair it with your Android or Iphone (in my case it is an Iphone) via Bluetooth and get ready to see the results of your swing.

It is amazing as it will auto detect if you are a right handed player or left and no matter your swing speed, it will stay on (I had one of our fastest swing speed pros swing hard to see if it would fly off!! NOPE!) You let it know if you have a driver, iron or wedge in your hand and let the club fly!

Once you swing, it transmits your swing data via the Bluetooth in 3 dimensions: Top, Front and target views. In addition, the SwingTip activates your mobile device’s video feature to record the swing from address to the follow through.

It will let you know if you were swinging inside-out, outside-in or if your club was closed, open or square at impact. Add to that, you get a check on where you hit the ball on the clubface (toe, heel, and center) and the tempo of your swing from start to finish.

All this and it stores the data for you for review and comparing later. You can also pick your best swings and ‘star’ them on your mobile device and show them to your coach later. It also allows you to email information straight from your mobile device to anyone you choose…like Tiger Woods or Stacy Lewis to get quick feedback! 😉

Lastly, you can tack your progress by syncing it with your free MySwingTip account and set up trend reports and see where you are in your journey to lowering your scores and getting on that professional tour you have dreamed of!!

How does it Look and Feel?

Like any golfer, you are looking at attaching a device onto your club and swing away and you have doubts.  My first thought is how much does the SwingTip weigh and will it affect my swing in any way. The answer was a solid NO!

The look is sleek and blends right in to the club without standing out in any way. There is not one ounce of the feeling that you have extra ‘baggage’ on your club (it weighs less than an ounce). Throughout the swing I never once felt there was any ‘tug’ or resistance from the SwingTip.

Overall the look and feel was perfectly in sync with allowing your mind and body to feel nothing was attached to the club and you looked like a pro analyzing your own swing on the spot.

What was the performance like from attachment to analyzing?

My first step into making the SwingTip work at its optimum was to download the free SwingTip mobile app to my Iphone. Once that was completed, I turned on my Iphone’s Bluetooth, powered up the SwingTip allowing the device to go into discovery mode (flashing between amber and green colors), tapped on the SwingTip choice in devices on my Iphone and married the two (SwingTip and Iphone—the marriage is a onetime sync and lasts forever J )

The SwingTip is very easy to attach to any club and takes just a couple of minutes to put on the first time and you become an expert quickly as you move it from one club to the next. I am a stickler for ease of use and the SwingTip is a chip off the old easy block.

After I made sure it was securely fit, I pressed the power button and made sure the device and my Iphone were ‘speaking to each other’ . I then ‘opened’ the SwingTip app, identified the club the SwingTip was attached to on my Iphone’s screen and we were ready to rock and roll.

SwingTip 1

To my amazement, I took a real cut at the ball like I was some kind of Incredible Hulk and it recorded, analyzed and shared with my how awful the swing was from start to finish. So, I decided to come back down to earth and just be me and took multiple swings with various clubs (changing out the SwingTip to the club I wanted to hit with and also adjusted the club selection on my Iphone.)

Every time I took a swing, it was giving me immediate feedback and during my practice session, I was able to correct a slightly off swing plane; therefore improving my impact position and actually hit the ball farther. That impressed me tremendously. I am a bit like Bubba Watson in that I don’t take lessons and just swing with my God given talent…always have and maybe will change that a bit now with the SwingTip.

I was mesmerized with the in-depth detail this little attachment was giving me and how truly accurate it was despite my trying to fool it. I purposely took the club in-side to out and out-side to in; hit it off toe and the heel; opened face at impact and closed it severely; and changed up overall tempo. The SwingTip would have none of my attempts at trickery and nailed the analysis every time!! The SwingTip said, “Game on!” and it won the battle with the Kate Hughes Challenge.

Final Thoughts

The SwingTip is amazing and it is a must have for anyone trying to improve and maintain their game. I know that it certainly impressed me and I would love to make this a part of my golf routine during practice so that I can play circles around our Bunkers Paradise Founders!!

I give the SwingTip a solid Bunkers Paradise Eagle Rating.

Now go out and get yourself one and let us know how it changes your game and takes you to the next level you so desperately have been seeking.

‘keep smiling and always believe’

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