Cleveland Golf 588 RTX Black Pearl Wedge Review

Let’s start with the phrase “New Face of Spin”, which is the marketing term that Cleveland Golf has coined for the new Cleveland 588 RTX wedges.  Can a club maker really make a golf club that creates more spin than the others?  Well the answer is yes of course or I would not have asked it.  Cleveland Golf has put on the market some of the best wedges year after year and 2013 is no different.   Cleveland golf is proud to put statements like this on their website because they truly believe that they have the “New Face of Spin”

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Welcome to the new face of spin. 588 RTX Wedges combine the legendary performance of 588 with added forgiveness and the breakthrough Rotex Face – Cleveland Golf’s most advanced spin technology ever.

So what makes the Cleveland Golf 588 RTX the New Face of Spin? Let’s take a closer look at the club and breakdown what is new to give you a better understanding.


Developed closely with tour players, these U-Grooves are more precise and 16% larger to maximize spin on critical scoring shots – especially out of the rough, sand and in wet conditions.


Advanced surface roughness technology is now more durable and dimensionally optimized for even more friction at impact. This helps generate even more spin on chips, pitches and partial shots from any lie.


Inspired by Cleveland Golf’s popular CG15 wedge, preferred by tour players and amateurs alike. Wider sole width near the heel, narrow sole width near the toe improves bunker performance without sacrificing versatility.


It’s named the Black Pearl for a reason and no it’s not because Jack Sparrow prefers Cleveland Golf clubs and is looking for a sponsor.  The 588 RTX Black Pearl is a beautiful golf club and with the “Black Pearl” finish it is classy and sleek.  With the black finish and the bright white Cleveland logos it looks amazing.  Also with the black finish you don’t have to worry about glare at address. I have to say it’s one of the top looking wedges on the market.

Cleveland Black Pearl RTX Wedge


The 588 RTX wedge has a very very solid feel to it.  When hitting the ball on full swings you can really feel how well put together this club really is.  With a strong solid feel at impact it makes you feel very confident to take it out of the bag for the next hit.  It’s not too heavy and not too light.  I don’t prefer light weight wedges so this club was perfect for what I was looking for.  The Cleveland Golf 588 RTX Black Pearl Wedge comes standard with Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips.  Golf Pride obviously has some of the top grips in the industry so I can see why Cleveland uses them on this wedge.


With a good look, great feel the only thing left to determine is how if performs.  With all the “New Face of Spin” technology aside, Cleveland wedges have always performed at top levels.  By adding the new ROTEX technology, I can say that this definitely is a top pick if you are looking for a wedge.  The two areas that I really want to focus on here is how it performed in bunkers and the spin.  I consider myself a decent player out of the sand and bunkers since I do spend a lot of time there… wink wink.   I have a used a 56 degree wedge (not gonna name the brand) that I bought years ago that I love, so it was a little hard to set that aside for this testing.  When I had my first opportunity from the sand I was a little nervous breaking out a new club.  To my delight, the 588 RTX Black Pearl did fantastic.  Solid and slid through the sand with ease and I was able to drop my ball nicely onto the green.   What impressed me the most in the Bunkers was how solid the club and shaft felt through impact.

Now to the Spin of the Cleveland Golf 588 RTX Black Pearl.  OoooooWeeeeee is what I am going to start with.  I know that wasn’t too professional of me, but holy smokes does the ball spin coming off this club.  I first hit the 588 RTX wedge while a the range.  I took the plastic wrapping off the club and lined up for my first hit.  After my first impact and strike of the ball I looked at the face of the club.  I noticed that the grooves had ripped a small chunk of the range ball right off.  We all know range balls are beat up and battered but that is still very impressive.  No the grooves will not rip your golf balls apart during your round but you get the idea.  Through two different rounds on the course, I was able to utilize the Black Pearl in numerous scenarios.  The 588 RTX wedge performed a high levels with high loft shots, low biting shots to your average full swing wedge shot.

Final Thoughts:

I recommend the Cleveland Golf 588 RTX Black Pearl wedge for all players.  It will benefit the high handicap to the low handicap player and everyone in between.  You will enjoy solid hits with lots of spin and be able to talk a little trash on the course on how your ball is spinning back on the green like the pros.


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