Golf Tips: Which Golf Grip Should You Use?

You probably hear different people talk about different grips they use out on the course.  You hear people talk about strong grip versus a weak grip.  Well what does that all mean?

The placement of the hands on the handle of the club is what they are talking about.  The placement of your hands affects every part of your golf swing and even the distance you might hit your ball.  So to say a proper grip is important is an understatement.

In a strong grip, a “V” formed by your thumb and forefingers of both hands will point below your back shoulder.  In a weak grip, the “V” formed with your hands will point to your chin.  With a neutral grip, your “V” wil point to the back ear.


So which grip is right for your game?

A weak grip generally should be used by strong players who tend to hook the ball too much.  A strong grip should be used by most players because it will help them to be able to return the club face squarely to the ball.  Many expert players use a strong grip, so don’t feel like you are less of a player by making that kind of an adjustment.

Advanced players will use a neutral grip because they generally don’t have an issue with slicing balls over the course like Duffer Dave.

So which kind of grip should you use?  Well you can take some of these tips above and try them out to see what is best for your game.  Now go out and go low.


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