Golf Tips: Improve Your Short Game Success


Golf Tip: Practice this tip to improve your short game

Golf Tips by Kate Hughes

Short Game Golf Tip

While I was at the 2013 Kraft Nabisco representing Bunkers Paradise, I had the opportunity to simply sit back and take in the practice of all the pros on in the short game area. I really tried to take a look at it from an entirely different perspective…one of seeing what makes a player really good at the short game. I for one love to practice my short game, but unfortunately, I don’t have my own eyes looking at my every swing unless I am taking video.

As I was thinking about a Golf Tip for Bunkers Paradise, I wanted to keep it simple and yet create a level of success for the reader.

When you think about golf, there are so many factors one must consider before actually taking a shot…and that is never more important than in the short game.

Factors to consider: the ball’s lie, the distance to the green, the conditions, where to land the ball and how far you would like it to roll once it hits the green, and of course the club to select to get the ball as close to the hole as possible. Let’s not forget to consider if you would like to chip and run the shot or give it a good pitch shot.

Once you have made your decision on all the factors above and have selected the club, go ahead and visualize the optimal shot…the shot you see in your own mind’s eye.

Got it!! Good!! Take a couple of practice swings with your optimal mind’s shot and make a decision where you would like the follow through to end. Yes, here is the secret to a better short game. The follow through length will depend on how far you would like the ball to travel. You need to set and practice a good follow through especially for the short game. This will not be a full swing and Kodak finish but a shorter follow through and Kodak finish…a finish that you hold if even for a moment…but HOLD IT!

Find yourself a nice short game area to practice at that you can create multiple distances away from the target (hole). Focus your attention on where you need to finish your follow through for each distance.

If you keep the target in mind and have a consistent follow though position planned for the distance, you will improve your short game shots and confidence.

Why is this so important? I have seen so many players stop their follow through in the short game and get inconsistent results. At the 2013Kraft Nabisco, I noticed each and every player in the short game area finish at different positions on their follow through based upon how far they were away from the target…and get this…every single LPGA Tour Player HELD that position for any extra couple of seconds…Yep…even Inbee Park and I do believe she walked away with the championship.


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Final Thoughts:

If you take apart your game statistically speaking, you will see that over 50% of your shots come in the short game area. So, why not practice this part of your game more often than not and while you do, you now have a little something to keep you engaged while you improve your short game.

Think target always, but also work on your follow through and how far that needs to go. Depending on the shot you want to hit and the distance to the intended target (spot you will land the ball), will your follow through be only knee high? How about shoulder high? Or maybe even ear high?

Just remember to trust what you are working on and truly believe it will be taking you on the road to a better short game and I promise it will. Hey, I work on this all the time when I practice my short game, why don’t you?!

‘keep smiling and always believe’

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