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We are very pleased to announce that with the permission of Mark Crossfield (AskGolfGuru), we will be featuring his videos from his YouTube Channel right here at  We wanted to thank Mark the opportunity to use his honest, insightful and top quality videos.

Who is Mark Crossfield?

url-1Mark Crossfield, also know at AskGolfGuru, is a PGA golf coach at Clifton Hill Golf Range in Exeter, UK.  Mark has made a name for himself with his YouTube Videos where he gives golf advice and breaks down clubs and equipment.  Mark’s personality comes across the screen extemely well as he breaks down golf clubs, balls and other equipment.

What are his videos about?

In Mark’s videos you will find golf tips, advice and golf equipment reviews.  Mark breaks down nearly every club that hits the market and gives you an honest and truthful breakdown of each club.  If you have questions for Mark you can always comment on the videos and Mark is great at responding and giving advice.

You can also follow Mark Crossfield’s Facebook page right here.

In our first video feature,  Mark Crossfield takes a look at the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Fairway wood.  To see Mark’s thoughts, take a look at his video. ENJOY!!

Again, we wanted to thank Mark Crossfield the opportunity to use his videos here at Bunkers Paradise.

By Editor In Chief, Ken Lee

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