Ogio Golf Cart Bag Review | A Must Have Bag?

The OGIO Aura Golf Cart Bag

When Ogio contacted us at Bunkers Paradise to review their brand new cart bag, I was not quite sure what to expect. I am used to taking my carry bag and when I decide to ride in a cart, I fight to get the bag in the best position for retrieval of my clubs, balls, tees, and other frequented items. The stands that are attached to my bag simply just don’t make it easy to strap into a golf cart.

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Who is OGIO?

Ogio is an international company that specializes in making various products. Their products range from golf bags, messenger bags, general luggage, and various other bags. In addition, they have stepped into awesome looking unique apparel.

Ogio cart bag andmeToday, I am going to focus on their golf cart bag. So what is a golf cart bag? It is a golf bag that holds a lot of gear designed to be driven from hole to hole in a golf cart. Sounds like it is just an ordinary golf bag?!?! Not at all!! This is THE GOLF CART BAG!!!

As a woman golfer, I really like to have multiple pockets to keep my every golf item organized. Every pocket has its place and need. This beautiful bag as so many wonderful features to fit every need that the pockets it provides is just the tip of the iceberg for what this golf bag offers the zoom zoom cart golfer!

What does the Golf Cart Bag look like, how does it feel and how does it perform:

Top ogio golf bagThis Aura Golf Cart Bag has so many excellent features. It has a 14-way Diamond Ultra-Lite Performance Cart top with full length club dividers and awesome integrated handles. I just love the ‘dividers’ for each of my clubs. It is so easy to see your club, pull it and execute your shot and get it back in the bag with little effort (OK, maybe the shot itself took some effort…but the rest was easy). Knowing that each club has its own little ‘bed’ to be protected makes one feel safe and secure hitting the ball way wards and going off-roading on rough terrain in the golf cart with all the bumps that can damage shafts and club heads.

In addition, there is a padded shoulder strap that makes it very comfortable to carry from car to cart without the bag ‘digging’ into your shoulder. And of course, this bag is light and easy to transport your clubs. There is a handle that is perfectly located on the bag and a good fit to grab your clubs out of your car trunk and get them on the cart. Even the young man that helped me load and unload my bag wanted to know what kind of bag it was and wished all the members would have a similar ‘easy-in-easy-out’ bag.

Resize Ogio logoThere are 10 very well constructed zippered pockets that can really handle the test of any golfer. Hey, I like to have the kitchen sink with me and this bag is durable enough and can handle each and every item ‘I need’ to have on the course. It makes it so easy to stay organized. What is even more impressive is that the zippered pockets (all of them) are easy to access while the bag is on the cart strapped in. How many of us have had to loosen the strap to get to a pocket…no more!!! You can get to every pocket without effort!

Another awesome feature for today’s golfer is the weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket with cell phone sleeve. Let’s face it…a lot of us do business on the course or simply cannot be away from the phone for a second because the world will end!! Better yet, we can play through a ‘Caddy-Shack’ type rain storm and not worry that our mobile phone and valuables are at risk for having to be replaced (and how do you explain to your boss that your phone was ruined by rain when you were supposed to be IN the office!!)

Ogio cart bag 5I also noticed a nice detachable ball pocket and learned that you can use for embroidery/logo application. That is a very nice feature that I never really thought of, but it really is essential in the world today to have our names put on the bag or you can buy the bag and have your logo put on it as a gift to a customer. Just a couple of thoughts and kudos to OGIO for having the foresight to allow for this to be available.

From putting my clubs in the bag, placing it in my trunk, taking it out and placing it on the cart—I have to say that this bag is beyond easy to use, light weight and very secure in the cart.

I have to add too, that as I drove all over the course and tried to hit every possible bump, I never heard a clank from my clubs. What a nice quiet ride I was able to have on a gorgeous day of golf.


In terms of the style and colors to choose from, OGIO is right on track with the Aura Golf Cart Bag available in White with Turquoise and Amethyst with Grey and Black.  I know all my outfits will compliment these bags without any fashion ‘Uh-Oh’s’.

I am very impressed with the overall look, feel and performance. I can see and feel that the material chosen will be very durable for years to come and riding into each sunset chasing my little white ball with my Aura Golf Cart Bag in tow.

I give the Aura Golf Cart Bag a High Score for Look, feel and Performance.

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keep smiling and always believe’

written by Kate Hughes, Bunkers Paradise LPGA Pro/Writer/Product Reviewer                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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