Update: Ok, so if you are visiting this article for the first time, apparently there has been some controversy stirring.  As a golf website, we get approached by individuals all the time about writing articles about their products.  We also write pieces on the golf world in general.  Sometimes that means we write about inspiring people like Colin Chandler who is a blind golfer.  In regards to Punk Lewis, we first met Punk Lewis on twitter and saw him on the Golf Channel.  Lewis’ public relations manager, who is no longer representing Lewis, contacted us and asked if we would be willing to write an article.  They sent us over the information and we asked a few follow up questions.

We had no reason to believe that any of the information was false.  We obviously were not in combat with Punk Lewis and do not have direct contact with the military to confirm or deny any of the information.  However, as Editor in Chief of Bunkers Paradise, and having a brother who is a Major in the U.S. Marines, I am doing everything under my power to determine what the facts really are.

I appreciate everyones understanding and patience while we investigate this matter further.

Ken Lee

Editor In Chief

Below is the original article if you are interested. 

There are things that happen in our lives that change us. It could be getting married, having kids, a close family relative passing away, but for Punk Lewis it happened while serving our country. We all love having our freedom. We love that we can go out any time and go play a round of golf, hang out with buddies or spend time with family. If you are not aware, there are countries where you can not do that. Punk Lewis and thousands of other brave individuals have decided that they wanted to fight for those freedoms. Unfortunately for Punk Lewis and many others it did not end in the best of ways.

Punk Lewis was injured on August 31st, 2009 in Logar Providence in Afghanistan. While conducting combat operations, insurgents launched a complex attack against the squad Lewis was in. During the ambush multiple rocket-propelled grenades (RPG’s) struck the patrol, causing Lewis several injuries. The wounds included Traumatic Brain Injury, dislocated jaw, nerve damage in his right arm, lower and upper spine damage, and short term memory loss. Due to these injuries, the United States Army decided to medically retire Punk Lewis from the service. Lewis was awarded a Purple Heart, Combat Infantryman’s Badge, Two Army Commendation Medals, Army Achievement Medal and a Good Conduct Medal.

Now most of us would have given up right there., retired and tried to just cope with life after such a traumatic experience, but not Punk Lewis. He has decided to use his rehabilitation and injuries to create focus and strength to now go after the goal of becoming a professional golfer. Yes you heard me right, a professional golfer. So what gives Punk Lewis is motivation and drive? We had a chance to catch up with Lewis and here is what he had to say.

Here is what Punk Lewis had to tell us.

My service to the United States has been an honor, but it has changed many aspects of my life. Before the service, I was employed in the advertising and marketing profession for 10 years. However, due to my injuries, I can no longer return to that profession.

The major change in my life has led to a goal that I will achieve. I have always enjoyed golf, but since my injury, golf has become my life. While receiving treatment for my wounds at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, I began to play golf more and more. Throughout all the treatment and the realization that I needed to pursue a new career, I set the goal to become a Professional Golfer. Since this decision, I have practiced and played everyday, working on technique, mental stamina, and overall course management. Through golf I have learned patience, determination, and the dedication that has also assisted in healing my wounds. I have played in many Wounded Warrior Golf Tournaments as well as other highly competitive professional events. With assistance and support of a dedicated Professional, I can achieve my goal. Throughout my service, mission accomplishment has been the key to success, and today my mission is to Play Professional golf on Tour.
After my injuries that I have suffered I am able to play as a scratch golfer. My average rounds are between 65 and the low 70’s. I have an established United States Golf Association handicap at +4.
We wanted to take the time to thank Punk Lewis and his agent Jonathan Burr for the opportunity to get to know the man we call Punk Lewis a little better. Punk Lewis has been on the Golf Channel on The Golf Fix with Michael Breed. You can find him on Twitter @PunkLewisPGA. You can also follow him on facebook.com/Punk.L.Lewis
Written By Ken Lee
Note: There was a typo in the original writing of this article where it claimed Punk Lewis had received 3 purple hearts.  It should have read that Punk Lewis received 1 Purple Heart.  I apologize if this caused any confusion.
I would also like to add this information that Punk Lewis sent us in regards to his awards.  The Department of the Army was the decision maker to award Lewis the purple heart award for his TBI condition due to the back blast exposure (Blast) and the loss of cognitive level along with other injuries as a result of the blast. TBI is a disqualifying factor and TBI is a condition that is now a condition that qualifies for the award of the Purple Heart. This decision was made after he had been seen at 3 different hospitals and after numerous testing and evaluations by qualified doctors and specialist using state of the art equipment and numerous tests.
Thank you all again for your understanding in this matter.
Ken Lee
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About The Author

I am Ken Lee, the Editor In Chief of Bunkers Paradise. My goal is to make sure you have a great time while visiting our website. I love my family, the ocean, surfing, the Lakers, old school hip hop and golf. Golf Goals: I am currently working on getting to a single digit handicap.

25 Responses

  1. Ken lee

    I have to say that when I think about what our military goes through each and everyday while out in combat, I can’t help but be proud to be an American. Thanks Punk for serving your country proudly.


  2. Ken Lee

    As the Author of this article, I can’t tell you about what exact experiences Punk Lewis had while overseas, but what I can tell you is the 3 purple hearts was a typo by myself. So you can disregard any further accusations about that. I apologize if that caused any confusion or strife for any of you. I am proud to be an American and completely respect everyone who has served for my great country. Thank you all for your service and God Bless the United States and the ones who serve.

    Ken Lee
    Editor In Chief

  3. David Metz

    After reading the article and reading “his side”, I believe it’s safe to say this is a fixed article. It doesn’t even sound like a real article. It looks like a little bitch looking for attention. And we all gave it to him. I guess he accomplished his goal. I hope he can live with this and I sure as hope people like myself don’t see this “Punk” in person. I’m almost certain he will sustain enough injuries to go ahead and earn those 3 Purple Hearts.

  4. Kurt

    Pathetic. I hope that someone launches a 15-6 into him and reclaims his unearned and unwarranted purple heart and further revokes his disability from the va

  5. Terrie

    His DD-214 says NOTHING about what he claims….STOLEN VALOR 1….Lewis ZIP!

    • MisstEssi

      His DD214 backs everything stated in this story.

      FYI: You declaring that it doesn’t, in writing, on the internet, is libelous. Look it up. It’s a very serious legal term.

      I have his DD214 in my hands, do you?

  6. Mike Wyvill

    Mr. Lee, in the future when someone claims anything related to the military, ask for a copy of his or her DD214. Save yourself some grief.

    • Ken Lee

      I appreciate the information Mike Wyvill. I appreciate your patience and understanding while we investigate further.

      Ken Lee

    • MisstEssi

      I have a copy of his DD214, and in fact, it does backup all that is claimed.

    • MisstEssi

      ….and libelous Gunman was taken when you signed up? His DD214 backs up every single thing Mr. Lee reported in this story.

      Sorry folks, nothing here to see, but the truth. Go find something else to get hot and bothered about.

      • Stoned Gunman

        Well gee I guess every stolen valor website that has him posted front and center as the valor stealing scumbag that he is must be wrong, and all those screenshots of him talking about his 3 Purple Hearts and sniper school must be fabricated. Maybe you should look up “libelous” I do not think it means what you think…

      • MisstEssi

        He knows he doesn’t have three purple hearts, he has one. I know what libelous (English version) is; and I know if I were in England I’d be spelling it libellous ;).
        What is an email address for you? I’d rather take this discussion offline.

      • Stoned Gunman

        He himself said he had 3 also said he was a sniper, there are screen caps of the entire conversation on twitter all over the Internet but nice try… Why would you want to email me? Nothing you say changes what scum this guy is and a fake DD214 isn’t going to help. Punk is the most fitting name I can imagine for this guy so get off his dick and let him climb back into whatever hole he crawled out of.

      • MisstEssi

        Nice, classy. I Haven’t seen Punk in person in over 20 years; that would make your recommendation kind of impossible, no?
        The DD214 is real, just as real as a family members’ and that family member is a full bird colonel.

      • MisstEssi

        Thank you. You just solidified for me those tweets WERE NOT written by Punk.
        Punk is a friend from High School, and (sorry Punk) his grammar and syntax level is closer to a tenth grade level; that is written with perfect clarify, no mistakes at all, no colonialisms, no jargon, no Punk.

        Use your own brain.

      • Stoned Gunman

        lol ok I’m sure your right it’s just a conspiracy by a bunch of decorated combat vets to bash some third rate golfer that until his grandiose claims nobody had even heard of. Yeah I’m the one with no brain…

      • MisstEssi

        I didn’t say it was a conspiracy. It was his agent Jonathan Burr, trying to get his client out there. Unfortunately Mr.Burr had no problem patently lying about Punk’s past. I have some tweets on my FB page from Punk, and they are the polar opposite those you linked to, and I think you can see the difference of you care to look.
        This article has caused Punk many many problems, and the information for the article CAME from Jonathan Burr, not Punk. You should not being going after Punk for Stolen Valor, and should ask questions before you assume someone is screwing someone.

        I went to school with Victor Lewis aka Punk Lewis, and I’m very good at doing research. I do have his file and his DD214 in front of me. He did not and cannot fake his injuries.

        Perhaps I should have said: Did you know you can tell from the way a sentence is written: #1) If it’s a man or a woman, #2) The level of education of the author, #3) Their approximate age.

        That is what I meant by ” use your brain.”

      • Stoned Gunman

        This is becoming laughable now, you do realize how transparent you are? No one is buying this “it wasn’t me” crap. The numerous accounts of what a malingering scumbag this guy is from people in his own unit tells me all I need to know. Why are you telling me anyway you should take all your “evidence” and present it to a few of the stolen valor sites so Punk can go back to being the hero he pretends to be? Until that happens I will continue to call him and his ilk out at every conceivable opportunity.

      • MisstEssi


        The writer made a mistake and it’s causing Punk all sorts of grief. Punk had an Agent for awhile, who was embellishing his story on what happened over in Afghanistan.
        I worked in the medical field for over 15 years; you can’t fake the injuries that happened to Punk. There might have been three other soldiers between him and the RPG, but the blast pattern of the ” back. blast” obviously was centered towards Punks’ direction.
        And he was probably in shock right after ( people keep saying ” he said (referring to Punk) he was fine right after!”); have you ever been in an auto accident, and not felt it for hours later??

        His DD214 backs up every thing in this article. Period.

      • MisstEssi

        One last thing.
        Jason Thayer III seems to be behind all the “stolen valor websites”, and from what I can tell, they all originate from the errors made in the article, and the Twitter feed (I think the ex-agent was the one behind the Twitter account, but I can’t read it to be sure. It was his ex-Agent that was telling people he had three purple hearts, and embellishing his time in Afghanistan. Agents submit back-story for writers to write their copy off of. Punk probably wasn’t even interviewed for that article; did you think to even ask him?

      • Bunkers Paradise

        Just to clear up your thoughts here. Victor Lewis was not interviewed for this article. We were sent a piece by his agent mentioning the three purple hearts. Victor talked with us later, clearing up the mistake and asked us to make the correction, in which we did. Victor is no longer represented by that agent and has since moved on because of these issues.

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