Whitlam Golf Gauge Design G2 Little Dog Putter Review

There is no question the putter is the most personal club in your bag. Being a passionate collector of putters, I got excited when I found out I was going to review the G2 Little Dog. This is a beautiful putter. True work of art and craftsmanship designed by David Whitlam. Whitlam Golf is a brand that I have been following for a while but never had the chance to try out until now. With David Whitlam’s vision, Whitlam Golf takes pride in not only producing the best milled putters, but they also push the envelope of design to keep their putters looking unique.

From the website:

Our putters are the most precise milled putters in the golf industry. All of our putters are CNC milled and conform to the USGA’s strict guidelines governing the manufacture of golf equipment. We are proud to make all of our putters and clubs in America.”


The Whitlam Little Dog putter is normally made of carbon steel, however this Gauge Design Little Dog hybrid is made out of 303 Stainless Steel. I own many putters and out of all of the stainless putters, this putter has to be the best I have in my collection.

The Little Dog is a full toe hang putter combined with a site line located in the half-moon cut. The first thing you may notice is the unique cutout in the back of the flange. This is the half-moon cut out. It truly gives the Little Dog whole new look. The putter has been finished in a black PVD finish. If you have never owned a putter with a PVD finish, it is very durable. I’ve seen a lot of PVD finishes on putters done right and wrong. The finish on this putter is perfect and in the right sunlight, you can see a rainbow effect of colors. The milling on the face is something I have not seen before. From the top line going down to the sole, the milling gets gradually bigger, not by much but it flows. For me, the milling on the putter, showcases the designers craftsmanship. The Little Dog showcases “Best in Show” in my book.


Specs from website:

Standard Lie: 71 degrees (standard) Lie options – +1 to +4 upright and -1 to -2 flat
Standard Loft: 3.5 degrees
Standard Headweight: 360 grams

The Little Dog has been a lot of fun to putt with. This putter is a little bigger than a blade but smaller than a mid-mallet. Typically I have struggled with mid-mallets. This was not the case for this putter. One thing that I had to get used to was the half-moon cut in the back. It is very eye catchy. In addition, the wider top line helped make sure I was square when I addressed my ball. Also, top line helped balance the putter with the half-moon. I was afraid that with the half-moon it would cause the putter to be off balanced since it was already full toe weighted. I was delighted to see that it did not affect it at all and flowed extremely well with every swing. Another thing that surprised me was the sound. Usually a putter made from 303 stainless steel will typically be “clicky.” I was expecting this but I heard the exact opposite. The sound off of face was a much lower audible “click” than I have heard in the past with stainless putters. David has really out done himself with the Little Dog. I give him major props.

Overall, I was very pleased with the Little Dog. I know my putters and my expectations are high. This putter met every one and exceeded them. There are many options available to stamp your putter and also change the paint fill to “make it your own.” Custom putter companies have become crowded over the past few years. It requires a unique production line up as well as custom work. Whitlam Golf has made their own mark on the golf world with a great line up of golf equipment from putters to irons and wedges. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Whitlam Golf, you will not be disappointed.

About Whitlam Golf and David Whitlam from the website:

“Whitlam Golf founder David Whitlam has over 15 years experience in the golf industry. Growing up in Edmonton, Canada, David picked up the game of golf at the age of 8, when his father purchased him his first set of clubs. It wasn’t long before David made his way on to the driving range and local golf courses to practice and hone his skills.

David, at the age of 15, found himself working in one of the Edmonton’s golf discount stores, where he quickly realized he had the keen ability to fit the customer’s golfing wants and needs. In 1987, David graduated the San Diego Golf Academy, and later went on to graduate from California State University – San Marcos, with a degree in business.

David’s long-term goal is to make Whitlam Golf/Gauge Design Golf one of the few truly innovative putter companies in the world. Whitlam Golf is already making a substantial impact on the Japanese PGA Tour.”

Bunkers Paradise Discount: Whitlam Golf would like to give a discount to all who read this review.  They will give 10% off any purchase of the G2 Little Dog putter for the first 30 people until November 29, 2012.  Use the promo code G2LD for the discout.  Go get your G2 Little Dog today!!!

G2 Little Dog: http://www.whitlamgolf.com/g2-little-dog-putter/

View all putters by Whitlam Golf: http://www.whitlamgolf.com/category/collection/putters/

Follow Whitlam golf on Twitter – @WhitlamGolfUsa

You can also find them on Facebook, Whitlam Golf Gauge Design.

By Joe Giguere



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