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Ping i25 vs TM RSi 2

Ping i25 vs. TaylorMade RSi 2 Irons Video Breakdown

You are at the "big golf store" trying to figure out which set of irons to purchase.  Should you buy the 2014 set of irons or the new 2015 set?  Going to purchase new clubs can be exhausting for us golfers.  This is why I enjoy videos like this from Mark...
PING g30 iron looks

Ping G30 Irons Review: Launch It Higher and Farther

I still remember getting my first set of golf clubs: the Ping Eye 2s. They were handed down to me by my dad, but I still had many good years developing and improving my golf game with those Pings. I moved on to another brand of irons after many years of use...
Miura CB57 Irons

Miura CB57 Cavity Back Video Irons Review: Forged Excellence

You look at your inbox and do a double take to make sure what you’re seeing is real. Yes the subject of the email clearly has the word Miura in it and then you click with anticipation. It’s one of those moments that for someone like me equates to winning...